Accessibility statement


Our distinctive approach to teaching and learning challenges you to think creatively and work independently. Your supervisor and tutors are there to guide you as you explore economics in depth.

Your supervisor

Your personal supervisor is responsible for your welfare throughout your time at York. You’ll have regular meetings with your supervisor, where you can discuss your academic progress. Your supervisor can also act as a first point of contact should you have any personal difficulties.

Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Independent working

Although our teaching and supervision arrangements are extensive, we do not spoon-feed. Our students are adults, and are treated accordingly. You will be expected to work intensively on your own, with guidance from tutors.

You will need to read around your subjects in addition to preparing for tutorial and seminar discussions and writing your essays. We encourage you to work creatively and independently because these are the key skills that you will need in your career.

Theory with practical value

We place a strong focus on applying academic theory to real-life situations to improve planning, teamwork and research skills.

Our academics have links with industry and are knowledgeable about emerging developments in the sector, so you can be sure you will gain a well-informed account of the issues and challenges facing the field of economics.