Nigel Thompson Memorial Scholarships

The Nigel Thompson Memorial Scholarships are worth £3,000 per year for undergraduate students. Two scholarships are available each year to the most academically talented students from families of lower income.

  • Funding: £3,000
  • Academic year: 2021/22
  • Open to: UK (home) students
  • Qualification level: Undergraduate
  • Number available: Two

These scholarships were established in recognition of the late Nigel Thompson.

Nigel and his twin brother Neal Thompson each graduated with a BSc in Economics from York in 1990, but Nigel was tragically killed at the age of 33 in the September 11 attacks on New York.

Neal is funding the scholarships in memory of his twin brother, who was "never afraid to reach for his dreams."

In January 2017, Neal pledged a gift to the University of York; this gift has established the Nigel Thompson Memorial Scholarships, which will provide support to undergraduate students in the Department of Economics.

Other funding opportunities


Open to UK (home) students only.

Open to students in the Department of Economics and Related Studies.

Funding is available for a maximum of three years and subject to continued attainment of grades.

You must meet all the essential criteria to be considered for a scholarship:

  • you are holding an offer to study a three-year undergraduate degree at the University of York's Department of Economics for entry in September 2022
  • you are a permanent resident in the UK, classified as Home (UK) in university admissions procedures, and you have an annual household income below £42,875

When applying for your student finance, you and your parents must grant consent to Student Finance to share your household income assessment with the University. This enables us to check eligibility. The awards will be paid in four instalments each year for three years.

How to apply

We will be inviting eligible candidates (via email) to apply for the scholarships in October 2022, asking applicants to answer the question: what you hope a degree from the Department of Economics at the University of York will help you achieve (300 words maximum).

Successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible.

"Without the Scholarship, I would not have enjoyed my first year experience as much as I have, as it has given me the freedom to invest in learning and extracurricular activities without financial hardship or stress. I am very grateful to have received this scholarship ... [t]he Scholarship is an investment in me, and has been a huge contribution to my determination in learning, and for my enjoyable university experience, and I am very thankful."

- Sukhwinder Kaur, June 2018

"I am extremely thankful that this scholarship exists as it has completely changed my university experience for the better. The generosity of Neal Thompson, in memory of his brother, is astounding, and I can only hope he understands how grateful I am and how much this means to me. I hope that one day I will be able to give back to the University as he has done. It is inspiring to see people giving to others so selflessly and generously."

- Elouisa Lewis, June 2018

"My scholarship has been pivotal to my success over the last year. It gave me the ability to support myself financially in a way that I wouldn’t have previously had the capability to do. I could afford to buy my own laptop, work fewer hours so that I could spend more time studying, joining societies and get access to higher class revision materials such as textbooks for my course that I otherwise may not have been able to afford. I contribute a lot of my recent success in relation to University to the help that I get from my scholarship, not only in terms of monetary help, but also the support and opportunities that I am offered. Without my scholarship I would not be progressing as well as I feel I am now, and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful."

- Caitlin Curtis, Nov 2020