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Green Impact

As part of its Carbon Management Plan, the University has joined the Green Impact Programme. This simple initiative is aimed at helping and supporting staff to green their workplace.

The programme is run through departmental teams, which can be of any size (and there can be more than one per department), each of which has a workbook of green actions to undertake. The number that they complete determines the accreditation level that the team is awarded (from Bronze through to Gold). The actions are easy to undertake such as

  • provide clear guidance on how staff can double-side copy posted within readable distance of each photocopier, and make staff aware of guidance
  • map banks of three or more light switches to identify which switch operates which light 

There is also a special set of actions and associated awards for labs, because they tend to have a higher environmental impact but also a different range of appropriate actions.

The programme has an annual cycle but can be undertaken all year round. Workshops are run at lunchtimes each term to provide more information on the context for the actions and what the University is doing at a wider level to support sustainability. Environmental walkrounds are lead by trained Green Impact students to encourage and support teams. Team workbooks are submitted for assessment in March and teams are audited by our own students, who are trained to undertake the task. Awards and small prizes are presented to all participating teams in June and then individual feedback is provided to each team to help them to improve their performance in the following year. The bar for each level is raised each year to ensure continuous improvement.

Green Impact is a change and engagement programme – it helps people understand sustainability and social responsibility, shows them what they can do to make a difference, and supports them in achieving these actions.

It has been developed over the last ten years, using social change theory and NUS’ expertise to produce a model that works in all environments and workplaces year-after-year. It covers the whole sustainability spectrum and is based on the themes of continual improvement, collaboration and meaningful change to establish new social norms and inspire people with the skills and passion needed to make a difference.

Green Impact Gold Award

Here in Economics we have a small team of staff who are constantly working on Green Impact goals.

We are delighted to let you know that the Department of Economics was awarded the Bronze Award in 2014, the Gold Award in 2015, the Gold Award again in 2016, and are now working on an Excellence Project.

You can check out our new site Eco-nomical here and we look forward to receiving any suggestions and contributions.


If you would like further information about the Department of Economics Green Impact Team, or would like to join, please contact:

Paul Hodgson

Tel: 01904 32 (3760)

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