Accessibility statement

Student Printing

Teaching materials will be supplied via Yorkshare (although some material may be provided on paper when the module leader thinks this more appropriate). This will allow you to choose whether you need a printed copy or not, and supply a digital copy for those who prefer to work that way.

In order to help with this reduction in printed material the department will charge a quota at the start of the academic year to your YPP account as stated below. 
After this quota is used you will need to charge up your own account for additional printing/photocopying.

It is hoped this system will give more choice, better resources, and produce less waste.


Single subject Economics undergraduates will receive £15.00.

Joint courses with other departments will receive £7.50.


For MSc students, at the start of the academic year your accounts will be charged with the equivalent of £25 of free printing.
There is a YPP multi-function colour printer in the department's MSc area, and another b&w printer in the HERC PC room.


For PhD students you can print to the YPP service and collect from any of the YPP devices. There is one YPP multifuntion device in A/D/162 - you will need your swipe card or use your username to log in.
Your printing will automatically bill the department and running totals will be monitored, please keep your printing levels to a reasonable amount.
You can also use the two YPP devices in the HERC PC room, and the MSc area.

York Print Plus (YPP)

Instructions and details about YPP can be found here:

If you send something to this print queue you will not be charged until you physically print out the document.
Print jobs are kept in the queue for three days and then deleted.
Nothing sent to this queue accidently will print out until you actually request it whilst stood in front of the printer.

For staff using YPP will automatically bill the department.