Staff Printing

Duplex Printing and Photocopying

It is very important that we try to reduce the amount of printing we do in preference to resusing or recycling it. The departmental photocopiers are set to duplex (double-sided) by default. Any desktop printers are also set to duplex when installed. If your printer is not set to duplex please contact Paul Hodgson to have this corrected.

There are a number of networked printers in the Department. They are all named econhpX, and can be found on the \\itsprint1 server (only accessible from a supported connection).

Printer Cartridges

Staff can find replacement printer cartridges in the mail room. There is also a box under the pigeonholes for used cartridges to be taken away for recycling.

Instruction Manuals

The following pdf's are the manuals for the photocopiers we have in the department. There are excerpts from these manuals about each copier with details of how to print and photocopy double sided in order to save paper. By default each copier is set to print out double sided.

A/D/002 iR7086 ecohpi  ir7086 (PDF , 18,060kb)
A/D/102 iRC2380i ecohpm  irc2380 (PDF , 13,407kb)