Accessibility statement

Scientific Workplace v5.5

Scientific Workplace v5.5 is available to install from all supported office and classroom PC's. It is also available for all staff in the department to install on their laptops or home PC's.
The trial version that you can download from MacKichan is the full version, with restrictions on saving and printing. You can download that and then register your copy to have the license file sent to you: 
For staff and research graduates details for the license can be found here:  

During this installation your account and capacity will be confirmed by the IT Support Desk and a license file will be emailed out.

The standalone home use licences are intentionally set to expire after one year; this is to prevent past members of staff having a permanent copy of our software once they've left the University. If the date that this expires is inconvenient there is nothing to stop you deleting the license and reapplying for a new one at any point in the year you want. It will then expire next a year from that point.

To re-register, simply delete the expired licence file \swp55\licenses\license.lic and then click on Help - Register to go through the registration sequence again.

If you are installing SWP on a Vista machine you may find the following information helpful for troubleshooting.

The license for SWP does not cover students own/home use. There is a very good free/open source alternative though called LyX - - which you might like to try.