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OxMetrics Enterprise

The department has a Site License PLUS for OxMetrics Enterprise.

OxMetrics Enterprise  includes PcGive, STAMP, G@RCH, Ox Professional, SsfPack.

This license covers us for both 32bit and 64bit installations, and Windows, LINUX, and Mac copies are all available. There is a copy of the software available on all classroom PC's, and it is available on the network for office PC's to install.

Home installations

All staff and students are licensed to install this on their personal computers. You can download a copy of the software for your operating system from

You can can access the license code you will need from here: OxMetrics

We do not lend out installation CD's anymore, you must download the software from the link above. All such licensed software is now supplied from:

  • Download the correct version for your operating system
  • Unzip the file you have downloaded and proceed with the uncompressed version you have now created.
  • If you are using Windows right click the installation file and choose Run As Administrator
  • On the Install OxMetrics window choose the top left option "OxMetrics Enterprise - requires an enterprise licence" - this will give a full install
  • If you have chosen to install 'components' instead, uninstall, reboot and return to the point above and install the full package.
  • You will usually have two files to use, a .bn7 file and a .in7 file - these need to be saved together in the same directory, and have exactly the names they were created with.
  • If you have opened a file incorrectly, be sure to do File | Close All in OxMetrics, before opening the correct file.


The license for this software will run for one year. At the point it runs out you will need to update the software with a new license code,  in the software go to Help | Registration and following the instructions. The new code can be obtained at the link above.

Some people using Windows 7 find that the new license file doesn't update their copy of OxMetrics. This is normally because on installing the software Windows has not given you the necessary permission to edit the file that contains the license code. If you right click the icon to open OxMetrics you will be given the option to Run as Administrator, which will fix this problem.