Microfit 5.0

Microfit 5.0 is an interactive, menu-driven program with a host of facilities for estimating, hypothesis testing, forecasting, data processing, file management, and graphic display.



A 15 user concurrent licence is installed on the network making Microfit availble from all Office and Classroom PC's on campus. 

On Classroom PC's you aill find it under Start | Programs | Teaching | Economics

On Office PC's you will need to install it from Run Advertised Programs in the Control Panel

There appears to be a slight issue with the network installation of this software, if you encounter an error when opening the software please run the following file from the T drive  T:\Misc\Microfit\Fix Launch Error


There are a limited number of individual licenses for staff to install on non-networked machines.


Please contact paul.hodgson@york.ac.uk for further details.