Accessibility statement

Gauss v17

Gauss v17 is available for staff and research graduates to use on the cluster in ReCSS, ADACx (limited to 20 concurrent users). You can find details of this service here, you will first need to register to use the facility with Mark Wilson.

Gauss is also available to everyone (limited to 5 concurrent users) on all the Classroom PC's, and can also be installed from the Control Panel on Office PC's.

You can find further details about Gauss on the Aptech website:

Unsupported Installations for Staff

Because our license currently also has Premier Support, there are some limited licences for staff to install a copy of Gauss on their home PC or laptop. Numbers are limited, and the licence will need to be renewed yearly, assuming we continue with the Premier Support. For further details please speak to Paul Hodgson

Student Installations

For home or personal use Aptech offer a free copy of GAUSS Light, and a permanent student license at discounted rates. Details and how to apply for this are here: