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Software - Datastream

Datastream provides key data sets from both developed and emerging markets - equities, market indices, company accounts, macroeconomics, bonds, foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities and derivatives.

The username and password for Datastream can be accessed here, restricted to members of the department. You will need to enter this on first use by opening Datastream and going Tools | Configure Communications

You can find help, instructions, and 
Their Extranet can be found here, there is no need to register to use this, simply use the same username and password as above.
The extranet site provides a massive amount of imformation which will be of use to you, including all the documentation. The Datastream Getting Started guide (PDF , 1,790kb) is available to give you an idea of what it does.

Customer Support can be contacted via an online form that can be accessed from the Thomson Reuters Customer Zone or directly from the product.

The easy-to-use form will allow you to capture all key information concerning your query very quickly and will offer the following benefits:

  • You will receive an on-screen confirmation as well as an email with the reference number from our support system.
  • Your request will automatically be routed to a specialist for your query enabling us to provide faster responses
  • You will receive our initial value added response within 15 minutes during UK business hours

Currently Contracted Services

  • Default Research Data (Equity, Bonds, Futures, Options)
  • ICAP Swaps
  • ISMA Non-Price data
  • ISMA Price data
  • Lehman Brothers Bond Indices
  • MSCI Basic Service

Datastream is installed on:

  • All  Classroom PC's - you will find it under Start | All Programs | Teaching | Economics
  • On Supported Office PC's it is available to install from Start | All Programs |  Software Center - after which you will find it to launch under Start | All Programs | Teaching | Economics
  • On the VDS - Virtual Desktop Service - you will still need to configure the software with the username and password listed above.

Datastream can only be access from a supported machine on campus, there is no provision for home use other than through the VDS.

Note: Only one York computer at a time may access the service. Following a request for data a warning will be given if the service is busy. Wait a minute or so and submit your request again. The Management department also subscribe to Datastream and have their own provision of the service.

Datastream for Office Add-in

This is all pre-configured on Classroom PC's and the Virtual Desktop Service. You will require a different username and password to use this add-in, details can be accessed here.