J: Shared Drive

The J drive provides one area to which all staff in the department have access, but on which the subfolders have different permissions set.

Quick Connect

Only on a supported desktop PC: You must first disconnect any previous mapping on the J drive - then run this file: J drive map to Storage ( 1kb download)

Manually Connecting

Instructions on how to map a drive are here, please select the correct operating system:


The path to the J drive is 



Access to the various folders are by group policy, and the top level folders have been set up to hopefully easily reflect who has access to which folders. If you believe you don't have access to an area to which you should then please email paul.hodgson@york.ac.uk to discuss your needs and I'll contact the owner of that folder.

Here is an example of the main areas, and who has access to them, only people within DERS:

  • Academic - all academic, and only academic staff
  • Academic and Admin - all academic and admin staff
  • Admin - all admin, and only admin staff
  • Assessments - only the assessments team
  • Exams drop box - the assessments team and all academics
  • Exams External Examiners - the assessments team and all external examiners
  • Seminars - all admin and academics, and Teaching Fellows

Staff Areas - replacing the C drive

In order to better back up your files, to improve security on your PC's and provide access from off campus, I have set up individual folders, by username, within the Staff Areas folder. Only you have access to the folder of your username.

You should use this folder instead of saving files to the C drive. There are a number of reasons for that.

  • This folder is automatically backed up, and has shadow copies enabled (a right click on a file or folder will give you access to its backups simply).
  • You will automatically be able to access this folder from any supported PC on campus, instead of having to carry lecture notes on USB etc.
  • You can access this folder from off-campus.
  • If someone else, perhaps a visitor, had access to your PC they would not also have access to your files. They probably would if you have saved to the C drive.

Off-campus Access

A quick way to access the J drive from of-campus from a variety of devices, laptops, tablets, phones etc is to use the VDS: Virtual Desktop Service: https://www.york.ac.uk/it-services/services/vds/virtual-desktop/

To map the J drive on a laptop or Mac etc then follow the instructions at https://www.york.ac.uk/it-services/filestore/ - You will need to first connect to the VPN to do this, see below.