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Reducing Paper Use

There are a number of easy ways to reduce paper use in the department. Not only does this help to help reduce the spending on paper, print cartridges and printers, but often is also more time efficient and convenient in other ways.

Meetings, Minutes and Agendas

There are several ways to provide all the necessary documentation for a meeting, without using paper. By providing everything digitally it allows people to decide themselves beforehand if they need a paper copy, or want to work electronically, perhaps on a mobile device.

  • Email - simply email out all the documents. A drawback to this is the files aren't stored centrally, there is no resource of past information created.
  • J drive - Access to areas on the J drive, the departmental filestore, can be restricted by custom groups. You can save all documents in one handy set of folders, and as new members to groups are added they will have access to all previous files. 
  • Google Docs - for small, quick and interactive groups this can be a great way to share documents.
  • York Wiki Service

Module Handouts via Yorkshare

  • Yorkshare is the perfect repository for storing and disseminating handouts and other previously printed material. It is secure, backed up and provides many other useful resources, such as adaptive release (timing when a document will be made available online)
  • Those who want a printed copy can choose to do that themselves, there are then no surplus copies printed.
  • Changes to documents and their contents can be quickly and easily made, with everyone having instant access to the new version.

Photocopying and Scanning

  • All YPP multi-function devices allow you to scan to email for free, easily converting a printed document to pdf etc.
  • Scanning for other purposes is available within the department on out photocopiers, please speak to Paul Hodgson regarding this.

Other tips

  • Pushing the print button is too easy...and wasteful. So the next time you are about to press that button, ask yourself : Do I really need to print this?
  • Use both sides of the sheet of paper, all devices within the department have a the duplex option, and this is set up as default. If it has been changed and you are unsure how to correct that, please ask for help

For any help, advice, or to discuss your requirements for setting up access on the J drive etc, please speak to Paul Hodgson, x3760