ADACX Cluster

Facilities for computationally intensive tasks are provided within RCSS by a cluster of 25 application servers, each having 2 oct-core Intel E5-2690 processors (2.9GHz, 16 physical processor cores per server, 32 including hyperthreading). Each of the servers has 192GB 1600MHz RAM and a 10Gbit network connection to our local file server on which you can store your data (100GB per user, more by request). All are running 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and Citrix XenApp 6. The system is accessible via a web interface and Citrix client software from all machines on campus and globally from any machine that can establish a VPN network connection to York.
It is intended that the system only be used for processing tasks that personal machines either cannot handle or would be tied up with whilst processing. The system is designed so that processing tasks can be started then the user can disconnect their session(s) and leave running, subsequently reconnecting (from a different machine if required) when the process has completed. Up to 10 sessions can be run simultaneously.

Applications currently available (all 64 bit):

Excel 2013
Gauss 17
Mathematica 11
Matlab R2016b
R 3.3.1
Stata 14 MP16

You can register for this service by emailing x1850

to log in :

As the system is configured to block access your local drives you need to map a drive to the filestore where you need to put the files you wish the ADACX software to be able to access . The network address is


where you'll see a folder for your username. I'd suggest using Z: if that's available on your system as that's how it's mapped internally in ADACX. Hence your path to read/write to on the system would be Z:\*****where ***** is your username, appended with any subfolders you wish to create of course.
Read only datasets are mapped as the X: drive in ADACX and located at:

The system is based on Citrix and there are clients available for just about every type of operating system and device:

You only need to load the client once per device, the first time you connect.

The system is accessible over the eduroam wifi network and from offsite globally too but you need to connect the VPN first.

Dependent on system load you may run a maximum of 10 simultaneous sessions of the software available, this may be 10 of one or a combination summing to that.

You can either work live or start something running and disconnect from it and leave it, reconnecting later on (please check it on at least a daily basis if you do). The main thing to note when closing is to choose between those 2 options for ending a session, disconnecting or logging out, always log out unless you are leaving something processing, in which case when you next log in (from wherever, doesn't need to be same machine you started the session on) it will automatically reconnect you to any disconnected sessions.