About us

York houses one of the largest concentrations of health economics researchers in the World. Most are located in the Centre for Health Economics (CHE) and the Department of Economics and Related Studies (DERS), with others in the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD), the Department of Health Sciences, the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, and the York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC).

The two main international journals in the field (Health Economics, Journal of Health Economics) are edited from York. The health economics group has extensive international networks and recognition; recent bibliometric analysis by the World Bank places York as the only UK institution in the World top 10 in health economics, alongside Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley.

Our research

Current research in health economics within DERS spans a wide range of topics:

  • Economic analysis of health and health care policy   Econometric analysis of health and health care   Economic appraisal of health technology
  • Informing decision making in global health
  • Informing research and development: priorities, design and conduct
  • Distributional impact & inequality of opportunity
  • Conceptual and empirical developments in economics of health care systems
  • Large & complex datasets, including administrative and linked data