AME media coverage and dissemination activities:


University of York News Item July 2018
Universal childcare improves school readiness of immigrant children (Thomas Cornelissen)

Non-Academic Dissemination July 2018
Talk at NHS Improvement on “Waiting times and health outcomes” (Valentina Tonei)

HCEO Global Working Group Research Spotlight Jun 2018
Government education expenditures, pre-primary education and school performance: A cross-country analysis (Sarah Grace See)

VOX CEPR Policy Portal June 2018
Universal childcare: The potential to level the playing field between the rich and poor (Thomas Cornelissen) 

Newspaper coverage June 2018
Who benefits from universal child care? Estimating marginal returns to early child care attendance (Thomas Cornelissen)
WAZ (Germany)
La Libération (France)


The Conversation Sep 2017
A family affair: how close relatives can push new mums to work longer (Emma Tominey)

Non-Academic Dissemination Jun 2017
Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd IBD Forum at British Society of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting, Manchester, UK
Opportunity costs and the NHS: A view from a health economist (James Lomas)

VOX CEPR Policy Portal Apr 2017
Break-ups of inter-ethnic marriages in Italy (Sarah Grace See)

Newspaper coverage Apr 2017
Explaining divorce gaps in cognitive and non-cognitive skills of children (Gloria Moroni)
The Times
The Telegraph

Royal Economic Society Media Briefings Apr 2017
Explaining divorce gaps in cognitive and non-cognitive skills of children (Gloria Moroni)

Non-Academic Dissemination Feb 2017
NICE workshop on methods for economic evaluation beyond the NHS, Manchester, UK
Estimating the health opportunity costs of changes in NHS and public health expenditure (James Lomas)

Radio Interview Jan 2017
BBC Radio Sheffield Episode on “Brothers and sisters” Interview on sibling spillover effects (Cheti Nicoletti)

Blog Healthwise Jan 2017
Evaluating big investments in healthcare (James Lomas)

University of York News Item Jan 2017
Employee wages not just linked to skills, but quality of co-workers (Thomas Cornelissen)


Non-Academic Dissemination Nov 2016
Department of Health Analytical Lunchtime Seminar, Leeds, UK
Estimating health opportunity costs in the NHS. Beyond ‘£13,000 per QALY’: ongoing and future research (James Lomas)

Media coverage Aug 2016
Research Examines If Surgery Delays Affect Patients' Health Outcome (Valentina Tonei)
Impact events such as round table with policy maker and presentation at policy commissions


Collegio Carlo Alberto News Item Dec 2014
The Role of Fathers in Child Outcomes: Largely Ignored but Apparently Relevant (Sarah Grace See)

Newspaper Coverage Nov 2014
The Independent, Funding for pooper pupils helps more boys than girls, study shows (Cheti Nicoletti)
The Observer, How firstborns can raise a sibling’s game (Cheti Nicoletti)

IZA Newsroom Item Nov 2014
Learning from the older brother? Sibling spillover effects in school achievement  (Cheti Nicoletti)


TV interview Jun 2013
RAI TG Calabria (Italian News), interview on nepotism and liberal professions (Cheti Nicoletti)


VOX CEPR Policy Portal 2012
On the use of high-powered incentives in the public sector (Emma Tominey)


TV interview August 2011
BBC Newsnight, Wage Scar from Youth Unemployment (Emma Tominey)