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Professor Sue Bowden



  • BA(London)
  • PhD(LSE)

Sue Bowden is Director of the Centre for Historical Economics and Related Studies at The University of York.

Departmental roles

  • Director, Centre for Historical Economics and Related Research at York (CHERRY)
  • Programme Director: Economics and Economic History
  • Exams Committee (Economic History Representative)
  • Module Review Committee (Economic History Representative)
  • Research Committee (Economic History Representative)
  • Strategy Committee (Economic History Representative)
  • Teaching Committee (Economic History Representative)



The historical roots of poverty: as evidenced in the interplay between economic history and development economic with special reference to health and poverty.  Particular interests in malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS as well as child morbidity and mortality in the twentieth century.


Selected publications

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

  • Bowden, Sue, David Higgins and Chris Price (2006), 'A very peculiar practice: Underemployment in Britain during the interwar years',European Review of Economic History, Vol. 10, pp. 89-108
  • Bowden, Sue, David Higgins and Chris Price (2007), 'Avoiding Conscription to the Interwar "Army" of the Unemployed: Short-time working in the iron and steel industry', Labour History Review, 72, pp. 5-25
  • S. Bowden, M. Forster and M. Walsh, 'Co-operation and conflict in the management of a health scare: the work of the Tobacco Industry Research Committee, 1953-1964', CHERRY discussion paper
  • Bowden, Sue, Domna Maria Michailidou and Alvaro Pereira, (2008), 'An Exploration of the Relationship between Economic Growth, Poverty and the Elimination of Malaria in Southern Europe in the Twentieth Century',Journal of International Development, December
  • Bowden, Sue, Blessing Chiripanhura and Paul Mosley (2008), 'Measuring and Explaining Poverty in Six African Countries: A Long-Period Approach', Journal of International Development, December
  • Bowden, Sue and Paul Mosley, (2008), 'Historical Roots of Poverty: A Symposium; Long-term Historical Roots of Poverty', Journal of International Development, December, pp 1-6
  • Bowden, Sue and Paul Mosley (2010) 'Politics, public expenditure and the evolution of poverty in Africa 1920-2008', University of Manchester, Brooks World Poverty Institute Occasional paper
  • Bowden, Sue, David Clayton and Alvaro Pereira 'Extending Broadcast Technology in the British Colonies during the 1950s' European Review of Economic History, forthcoming.



Second Year

  • Development Economics
  • Making Poverty History

Third Year

  • International Economic Growth and Development

Sue Bowden

Sue Bowden
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