Dr. Mauro Bambi
Senior Lecturer



  • Laurea cum laude(Florence)
  • MSc(Bocconi)
  • MA(European University Institute: EUI)
  • PhD(EUI)

Departmental roles

  • Chair of the Final and Resits Graduate Exam Board; PG - Mitigating Circumstances Committee.


Selected publications

Full details of publications can be found at Google Scholar and RePEc

On the consequences of generically distributed investments on flexible projects in an endogenous growth model”, supplementary material, slides, (w/ C. Di Girolami, S. Federico, and F. Gozzi), forthcoming, Economic Theory

Time-to-build and the capital structure”. Economics Letters, 137, 222-225, 2015.

Endogenous growth with addictive habits”, slides, (w/ E. Augeraud-Veron), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 56, 15-25, 2015.

Endogenous growth and wave-like business fluctuations”, slides, (w/ F. Gozzi, and O. Licandro), Journal of Economic Theory, 154, 68-111, 2014.

Unifying time-to-build theory”, slides, (w/ F. Gori), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 18, 1713-1725, 2014.

Optimal policy and consumption smoothing effects in the time-to-build AK model”, slides, (w/ F. Gozzi, and G. Fabbri), Economic Theory, 50(3), 635-669, 2012.

Endogenous growth and time-to-build: the AK case”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 32, 1015-1040, 2008.



  • Growth Theory
  • Macroeconomic Theory
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Macroeconometrics (Time Series Analysis)



Second Year

  • Dynamic Modelling for Economists

Third Year

  • Macroeconomics 3
  • Monetary Economics


  • International Macroeconomics (2010-2015)

Mauro Bambi

Mauro Bambi
Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics
Room: A/D/234

Tel: 01904 323775

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