Accessibility statement

Prof. Konstantinos Koufopoulos



  • BSc (Athens)
  • MSc (Southampton)
  • MSc (LSE)
  • PhD (LSE)

Departmental roles

  • Chair, Graduate School Board (GSB)
  • Postgraduate Programme Leader for MSc Finance



  • The Structure and Regulation of Financial Markets


  • Corporate Finance

Other teaching


  • Corporate Finance



  • Banking
  • Contract Theory
  • Corporate Finance
  • Market Microstructure


Selected publications

“Is There a Paradox of Pledgeability?”, (with Dan Bernhardt and Giulio Trigilia), Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

“Bank Competition and Financing Efficiency under Asymmetric Information”, (with Swarnava Biswas), Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming. 

“Optimal Security Design under Asymmetric Information and Profit Manipulation”, (with Roman Kozhan and Giulio Trigilia), Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 2019, 8, 146–173. 

“(Neutrally) Optimal Mechanism under Adverse Selection: the canonical insurance problem” (with Theodoros Diasakos), Games & Economic Behavior, 2018, 111, 159 – 186.

“Short-term Corporate Debt Around The World”, (with Marco Sorge and Chendi Zhang), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2017, 49, 997 – 1029.

“Efficient Allocations in Economies with Asymmetric Information when the Realized Frequency of Types is Common Knowledge”, (with Aristotelis Boukouras), Economic Theory, 2017, 64, 75 – 98.

“Supply of Capital and Capital Structure: The Role of Financial Development”, (with Angelos Antzoulatos, Costas Lambrinoudakis, and Emmanuel Tsiritakis), Journal of Corporate Finance, 2016, 38, 166 – 195.

“Optimal Insurance Under Adverse Selection and Ambiguity Aversion”, (with Roman Kozhan), Economic Theory, 2016, 62, 659 – 687. 

“Welfare-Improving Ambiguity in Insurance Markets with Asymmetric Information”, (with Roman Kozhan), Journal of Economic Theory, 2014, 151, 551 – 560.

“Optimal Securities under Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard”, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2009, 45, 341 – 360.

“On the Positive Correlation Property in Competitive Insurance Markets”, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2007, 43, 597 – 605.

Kostas Koufopoulos
Department of Economics
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Tel: 01904 321713

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