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Spring Research Lecture 2017

Posted on 2 November 2017

Chaired by the Economics Society Friday 3rd November 2018 at 1pm in ATB/056


Following on from our Spring 2017 events we are continuing with our 'research lecture' series by academic colleagues in the Economics Department, where the aim is to illustrate how the economics we teach is used in our own research, and the relevance of this research to the wider economy and society. We want to show how the kind of economics and econometrics our students are familiar with can be used to approach interesting research questions and get useful results. In addition we want to support greater academic community with our students, and for our students to see why we are so excited about our research, and to share this with our students. This event is open to all our undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in finding out about the research we do here in the Economics Department and how our research impacts on the wider world around us.

Dr Emma Tominey: Intergenerational Mobility and the Timing of Parental Income

Dr Emma Tominey will use tools from econometrics to identify the causal effect of family income during early years (0-5), middle (6-11) and adolescence (12-17). A simple model of consumer choice is extended, to include investment decisions that parents make in their child's human capital.


Professor Luigi Siciliani: How long are we waiting for health care?

Luigi will use tools from econometric methods to measure and compare waiting times for healthcare treatment across countries and income groups (within a country); he will show how regression methods can be usefully employed to test for an equitable management of the waiting list.


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