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The 2019 Royal Economic Society Conference

Posted on 15 April 2019

Strong presence from York Economics Department at the 2019 Royal Economic Society Conference

Strong presence from York Economics Department at the 2019 Royal Economic Society Conference

The 2019 Royal Economic Society Conference is being held at the University of Warwick from 15-17 April 2019 (, and a number of academics from York’s Department of Economics and Related Studies are presenting innovative research that has recently attracted media attention.

Gloria Moroni, Cheti Nicoletti and Emma Tominey will present their research on how policy interventions targeting a stressful home environment can help to reduce the wide inequality in children’s behavioural problems at age 11.

Cheti Nicoletti, Emma Tominey and Valentina Tonei will present evidence from time use diaries, demonstrating parents’ responses to children’s behaviours. They use data from Australia to show that parents’ planned style of parenting affects their reactions to a tantrum, but some deviate from their planned response more than others.

Cheti Nicoletti will also present her research with Danilo Cavapozzi on the gendered division of housework in the UK, with evidence showing that women still take on a larger share.

Meanwhile, Giuseppe Moscelli of the University of Surrey will present work co-authored with York academics Hugh Gravelle and Luigi Siciliani, which uncovers the mixed effects of patient choice on hospital quality for elective patients in England.

Research on Health Economics will also be presented by Andrew Jones and Chiara Pastore, whose latest work reveals that a grammar school education does not make you healthier or wealthier in later life.

Research by Melisa Sayli, a postdoctoral research associate at York, also featured at the RES conference shows that while a male partner’s non-employment seems to have a negative effect on a woman’s labour force participation, this effect disappears when taking account of unobserved permanent characteristics of the couple.

Finally, Michael Wickens will take part in a public debate that will explore the different options available to the UK and our future relationship with the EU following Brexit.

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