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University Students’ Unions: Changing Functions, a UK and Comparative Perspective

Monday 23 May 2016, 2.00PM to 3:00pm

Speaker(s): Dr Michael Cole (ULMS)

In this article, we consider the functions of students’ unions (SUs) through a UK case study. First, a functional classification of educational representation; wider representation; delivery of commercial services; and facilitating a student community is outlined. Second, we specify a theoretical framework in terms of neo-liberalism and therapeutic ideas of education. Third, we discuss recent Su functional changes. Fourth, we interpret those changes through the theories outlined above. Our contribution to scholarship is threefold, first we study the evolution of UK SUs. Second, we apply theory to interpret these changes. Third, we generate findings that could be applied to develop a comparative international literature

Location: HERC Seminar Room (A/D260, above Alcuin Porters Lodge)

Admission: All welcome