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Research Student Workshops

All Workshops to be held in DERS Seminar Room A/D/271

Tuesday, 12-1pm 

Spring Term 2021/22

8 March Nicola Delf
Title: Measuring bank opacity using reported loan loss provisions



Summer 2021/22

26 Apr

Wanyu Zhang
Title: Return to studying abroad in the marriage market in China

10 May

Ting Xie
Title: Implications of trade and finance on business cycle synchronisation 

24 May (1-2pm) 

Rudy Marhastari
Title: Understanding Inflation Expectations Through Near Real-Time Data

21 June

Fei Liu
Title: Understanding social care needs in community-dwelling older adults aged 75 years or above in the UK

23 June

Abdullah Almaghlouth
Title: Bank Leverage and Regulatory Restrictions