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Economic Theory Workshop

Friday 10 May 2019, 1.00PM to 5:30pm

Speaker(s): Tommy Andersen (Lund), Peter Eso (Oxford), Thomas Fleiner (Eotvos Lorand), Willemien Kets (Oxford)

Host: Professor Zaifu Yang


Speakers: 1-3pm

Tommy Andersen (Lund) “Dynamic Refugee Matching”

Peter Eso (Oxford) “Incomplete Language as an Incentive Device”


3:00—3:30 Tea and biscuits ARC Foyer



Tomas Fleiner (Eotvos Lorand)  “The Complexity of Proportional Cake Cutting with Unequal Shares “

Willemien Kets (Oxford)  “A Theory of Strategic Uncertainty and Cultural Diversity”


Location: The Alan Maynard Auditorium, Alcuin College, ARC014

Admission: All welcome