HEDG - Health Econometrics and Data Group


The HEDG seminars are now run jointly with the AME Cluster. See www.york.ac.uk/economics/research/research-clusters/ame/#tab-7

Seminar Programme

Summer 2015

No seminar

15 April

(Week 1)

No seminar

22 April

(Week 2)

No seminar

29 April

(Week 3)

Incorporating inequality concerns into cost-effectiveness analysis

James Love-Koh (CHE)

06 May

(Week 4)

No seminar 

13 May

(Week 5)

Rita Santos (CHE)

20 May

(Week 6)

This is an extended session, starting at 10:30 in HERC

Experimental investigations of food/beverage taxes

Melanie Parravano (UEA)

Intelligence as a mediator of the mortality difference by education

Govert Bijwaard (NIDI, The Hague)

27 May

(Week 7)

Miqdad Asaria (CHE) 

03 June

(Week 8)

Presentation of PhD essay

Dan Liu (CHE)

10 June

(Week 9)

James Lomas (CHE)

17 June

(Week 10)

Spring 2015

Business Meeting


07 January

(Week 1)

Business Meeting

PhD overviews Beatriz Rodriguez and Matthew Robson

14 January

(Week 2)

Health shocks and labour outcomes

Francesca Zantomio (Venice)

21 January

(Week 3)

The association between multimorbidity, healthcare utilisation and out-of-pocket spending in 22 countries: evidence from WHO SAGE and SHARE

John Lee (Imperial College)

28 January

(Week 4)

The Relationship between Forgone Health Care and High School Dropout: Evidence from US Adolescents

Eugenio Zucchelli (University of Lancaster)

04 February 

(Week 5)

 No seminar

11 February

(Week 6)

Distributional weights and well-being

Irene Sanchez

18 February 

(Week 7)


James Gaughan

25 February

(Week 8)


Apostollos Davillas (Essex) 

04 March 

(Week 9)


Francesco Longo 

11 March 

(Week 10)

Autumn 2014

Business Meeting

Choice of hospital for hip replacement: Do patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) matter? 

Nils Gutacker 

01 October

(Week 1)

Smoking and mortality
Michael Darden (Tulane)

08 October

(Week 2)

Quasi-experimental evidence on mammography uptake

Vincenzo Carrieri (Salerno)

15 October

(Week 3)

Recursive models

Jessica Ochalek

22 October

(Week 4)

NHS health checks and risk factors

Ta Yu (John) Lee (Imperial)

29 October 

(Week 5)

Political conflict, child mental health and cognitive development

Hendrik Jurges (Wuppertal)

05 November

(Week 6)

Determinants of speciality choice 

Idaira Rodríguez Santana

12 November 

(Week 7)

Costs and performance in mental health 

Valerie Moran

19 November

(Week 8)

Journal club/skills

Rita Santos

26 November 

(Week 9)

Minimum wage and mental health 

Christoph Kronenberg

03 December 

(Week 10)

Summer 2014

Malaria: Identifying impacts on cognition and education using immunological markers

Josselin Thuilliez (Paris 1 Panth´eon Sorbonne University)

23rd April

(Week 1)

Mental health benefits from work-related training?
Christoph Kronenberg

30th April

(Week 2)

Journal club: PeT

Francesco Longo

7th May

(Week 3)

Emergency department waiting times and demand

Peter Sivey
Spousal Health Shocks

Torben Heien Nielsen

14th May

(Week 4)

Multivariate performance assessment using the Pareto criterion
Nils Gutacker

21st May

(Week 5)

Measuring the effect of SES on waiting times controlling for self-selection
Giuseppi Moscelli

28th May

(Week 6)

Measuring and comparing the performance of English mental health providers in achieving patient outcomes
Valerie Moran

4th June

(Week 7)

Do waiting times affect health outcomes? Evidence from Coronary Bypass
Valentina Tonei (with Giuseppe Moscelli and Luigi Siciliani)

11th June

(Week 8)

Copayments and primary care

Mikael Svensson

18th June

(Week 9)

iHEA dry-runs                                                                                                           

25th June

(Week 10)

Spring 2014


Skills workshop: recent developments in Stata code for duration analysis - Dan Howdon

8th January

(Week 1)

Adverse or advantages selection: an empirical analysis of Chinese private insurance market - Chen Chen

15th January

(Week 2)

Hospital competition and quality - Giuseppi Moscelli

 22nd January

(Week 3)

Patients' satisfaction with responsiveness in the Italian Region of Emilia Romagna - Silvana Robone

 29th January

(Week 4)

Skills: sfcross and sfpanel - Francesco Longo

 5th February

(Week 5)

Skills: Using R - Christoph Kronenberg & Tom Patton

 12th February

(Week 6)

Distributional regressions for cost data - James Lomas

 19th February

(Week 7)

Journal Club - Francesco Longo

 26th February

(Week 8)

Evaluation of informal care - Irene Sanchez

 5th March

(Week 9)

Cost regressions and trial data - Seamus Kent (Oxford)

 12th March

(Week 10)

Autumn 2013

Quasi-Monte Carlo approach to comparing regression models for health care costs - James Lomas

9th October

(Week 2)

Social distribution of health in England - James Koh

16th October

(Week 3)

Productivity analysis - Francesco Longo

23rd October

(Week 4)

A&E attendances - Rita Santos

30 October

(Week 5)


6th November

(Week 6)

Health and schooling - Andrew Jones

13th November

(Week 7)

Continuous treatment effects - Noemi Krief (LSHTM)

20th November

(Week 8)

Delayed discharges to social care - James Gaughan

27th November

(Week 9)

Journal Club - Irene Sanchez

4th December

(Week 10)

Summer 2013


Structural model of health and smoking - Eugenio Zucchelli

24th April

(Week 1)

Quasi-Monte Carlo for cost models - James Lomas

1st May

(Week 2)

Obesity and medical costs - Joan Gil

8th May

(Week 3)

No seminar

15th May

(Week 4)

Does job insecurity deteroriate health? A causal approach for Europe - Mathilde Godard and Eve

Caroli (CREST - Université Paris Dauphine)

22nd May

(Week 5)

PhD research - Christophe Kronenberg

29th May

(Week 6)

Problems associated with reimbursing hospitals - do highly specialised units comprise

systematically higher costs? - Line Kongstad (University of Southern Denmark)

Fundamental problems with rational addiction theory - Michael Caputo (University of Central


(11:15 - 12:45)

5th June

(week 7)

HEDG COURSE (no seminar)

12th June

(Week 8)

Mental Health LoS and efficiency - Valerie Moran

19th June

(Week 9)

An economic analysis of child development and happiness - Laurence Roope (HERC, Oxford)

26th June

(Week 10)

Spring 2013


Skills Workshop: LaTex & Beamer - Nigel Rice & Dan Howdon 

9th January

(Week 1)

Jnl club/conference discussion - Christoph Kronenberg

16th January

(Week 2)

Analysis of large administrative datasets - Ralf Wilke

23rd January

(Week 3)

No Meeting

30th January

(Week 4)

Jnl club: risk adjustment - Chen Chen & Valerie Moran

6th February

(Week 5)

PhD research - Tom Patton

13th February

(week 6)

Provider effects & timing of births - Valentina Tonei

20th February

(Week 7)

PhD research - Estela Barbosa

27th February

(Week 8)

Unemployment & mental health - Martina Grunow (Augsburg)

6th March

(Week 9)

Us and them: Distributional preferences in small and large groups - Iris Kesternich

13th March

(Week 10)

Autumn 2012

Business meeting

10th October

(Week 1)

Hospital costs and quality - Nils Gutacker

17th October

(Week 2)

New quality indicators - Laura Di Giorgio (Lugano)

Report from Strata user group - Christoph Kronenberg

24th October

(Week 3)

Journal club - Tom Patton

31st October

(Week 4)

No Seminar

7th November

(Week 5)

Well-being of informal caregivers - Irene Sanchez

14th November

(Week 6)

Comparing cost regressions - James Lomas

21st November

(Week 7)

Social mobility and well-being - Grace Lordan (LSE)

28th November

(Week 8)

Health care costs & ageing - Dan Howdon

5th December

(Week 9)

Skills: LaTex & Beamer - Nigel, Dan & James

Journal club - Fleurbaey & Schokkaert - Estela Barbosa

12th December

(Week 10)

Summer 2012


Applying Beta-type Size Distributions to Healthcare Cost Regressions - James Lomas

25th April (Week 1)

No Seminar 2nd May (Week 2)

Cancer screening - Eline Aas

PhD research - Ronan Mahon

9th May (Week 3)
GP prices and competition - Peter Sivey (Melbourne Institute 16th May (Week 4)
Happiness over 50 - Ranjeeta Thomas (University of Oxford) 23rd May (Week 5)
Structural models - Eugenio Zucchelli 30th May (Week 6)
TBA 6th June (Week 7)
Journal club, Almond & Doyle (2011) - Dan Howdon 13th June (Week 8)
Jounal club, Basu (2011) - Andrea Manca 20th June (Week 9)
"Should I eat or Should I smoke: a model of rational eating and addiction" Davide Dragone (University of Bologna) 27th June (Week 10)
Dry-runs for ECHE 4th July

Spring 2012


Sample selection bias in measuring hospital quality using readmission rates - Mauro Laudicella

(Imperial College Business School and Centre for Health Policy)

18th January (week 2)
No Seminar

25th January(week 3)

Journal club: Bilger & Manning (2011) - James Lomas 1st February (week 4)

Skills workshop on dynamic modelling of infectious disesases - Ronan Mahon

8th February (week 5)
Stata skills workshop - Dan Howdon 15th February (week 6)
Returns to medical R&D - Ali McGuire (LSE) 22nd February (week 7)

Missing values & PROMS data - Nils Gutacker & Silvio Daidone

29th February (week 8)
Choose & book - Hugh Gravelle 7th March (week 9)

Broader coverage is good for the nation's health: instrumental variables evidence from country-level panel data - Rodrigo Moreno-Serra (Imperial College)

14th March (week 10)
John Cawley (Cornell University) - 16.15 - 17.45, ARRC 15th May

Autumn 2011

Business Meeting

Inequality in health system performance: an integrated analysis - Emma Beruter

12th October (week 1)

Decomposition methods applied to youth smoking - Ijeoma Edoka

19th October (week 2)

Hospital performance measurement using EQ-5D - Nils Gutacker

26th October (week 3)

Modelling health care costs - James Lomas

2nd November (week 4)

Health, lifestyle and growth - Gianluigi Coppola (University of Salerno)

9th November (week 5)
Survival model of smoking, cancer and deaths data - Dan Howdon 16th November (week 6)
No Seminar
23rd November (week 7)


30th November (week 8)

Maximum likelihood estimation using Mata - Silvio Daidone (Start time: 10:45am)

7th December (week 9)


14th December (week 14

Summer 2011

Equality of Opportunity in Health - A Jones

27th April (week 1)

Better late than never? The timing of human capital investments in children - Pedro Carneiro, Kjell Salvanes and Emma Tominey 4th May (week 2)

Is hospital consolidation beneficial? Evidence from the English NHS - M Gaynor, M Laudicella, C Propper

Equality of Opportuntiy - P Li Donni

11th May (week3)
New PhD Results - D Howdon & J Lomas 18th May (week 4)
Stata programs for discrete time hazards - Mike Farnworth (University of New Brunswick)

25th May (week 5)

New PhD Results - I Edoka & I Hossain

1st June (week 6)

Do smoking bans have an impact of smoking? - E Zucchelli 8th June (week 7)

Does GP quality affect demand for GPs? - RSantos & H Gravelle

15th June (week 8)

Nonparametric alternatives to Hopit - S Robone

22nd June (week 9)
Dry-Runs for iHEA 29th June (week 10)

Spring 2011

No Meeting

19th January (week 2)

Journal Club: Ranjeeta Thomas and Eugenio Zucchelli, Synthetic Cohorts; Ijeoma Edoka and James Lomas, Decomposition Methods;
26th January (Week 3)
PhD Plans - Dan Howdon and James Lomas

2nd February (week4)

Youth Smoking - Ijeoma Edoka
9th February (Week 5)
Polarisation and Health Inequality - John Forbes (Edinburgh)
16th February (Week 6)
PhD Plans - Nils Gutacker
23th February (Week 7)
Skills Workshop: Project Workflow - Laure de Preux and Mark Dusheiko
2nd March (Week 8)
Maternal Health in Bangladesh - Iftekher Hossain
9th March (Week 9)

Nonparametric Approaches to Vignettes - Silvana Robone

New PhD Results - Ranjeeta Thomas

16th March (Week 10)

Autumn 2010

No equations, no tables: just some graphs of medical costs - Andrew Jones

13 October (week 1)

Mandatory fat labelling - Fabrice Etilé (PSE)

20 October (week 2)

Evaluation of smoking bans - Eugenio Zucchelli

Education and childhood weight - Ryota Nakamura

27 October (week 3)

GP labour supply - Rita Santos et al

3 November (week 4)

Folic acid fortification – a quasi experimental evaluation - Elena Fumagalli (UEA)

10 November (week 5)

Targets and waiting times in Scotland – CDE approach - Silviya Nikolova (Manchester)

17 November (week 6)

Parenting style, children’s health & attainment - Laure de Preux (LSE & York)

24 November (week 7)

Journal club: Arcidiacono et al & Keane - Nils Gutacker, Dan Howdon, James Lomas

1 December (week 8)

Vertical equity in health care - Laura Vallejo-Torres (UCL)

8 December (week 9)

PhD plans - Dan Howdon, James Lomas & ....

15 December (week 10)

Summer 2010


Maternal health inequality - Iftekher Hossain 28 April (Week 1)
  5 May (Week 2)
Journal Club: Cheng et al. - Iftekher Hossain 12 May (Week 3)

Spring 2010

Education and BMI in ECHP - Ryota

13 January (Week 1)

Child Health inequality - Iftekher Hossain

20 January (Week 2)

Air Polution and Health - Tim Beatty

27 January (Week 3)

PhD work - Pedro Saramago

3 February (Week 4)

Journal Club: Imai atc. & Ho etc. - Laure & Manuel

10 February (Week 5)

TBA - Alessandra Garbero

17 February (Week 6)

Waiting in Scotland & Norway - Jurgita Januleviciute

24 February (Week 7)

Inequality in waiting times - Mauro

3 March (Week 8)

Journal Club: Todd & Wolpin - Nils Gutacker

10 March (Week 9)

Equity in responsiveness - Silvana Robone

17 March (Week 10)

Summer Term  
Maternal health inequality - Iftekher Hossain 28 April (Week 1)
  5 May (Week 2)
Journal Club: Cheng et al. - Iftekher Hossain 12 May (Week 3)

Autumn 2009

Obesity and Happiness - Fabrice Etile 

14 Oct

Business Meeting

21 Oct

GP Labour Supply: Rita Santos  and Hugh Gravelle  28 Oct

Journal Club/Skill Workshop: based on McColskey, D., Zilliak, S.T., “The Standard Error of Regressions”, Journal of Economic Literature, 34: 97-114

Manuel Espinoza, Nils Gutacker, Padraic Ward 

4 Nov

Quality of School and Health: Andrew M Jones 

11 Nov

Review of microsimulation methods: Eugenio Zucchelli 

18 Nov

Inequality of Opportunity: Pedro Rosa Dias 

25 Nov

Children’s Health and Air Pollution: Tim Beatty 

2 Dec

Ex-AMRE Evaluation: Ranjeeta Thomas 

9 Dec

Journal Club: Ranjeeta Thomas  and Rita Santos 

16 Dec

Summer 2009

Adriana Castelli - Can Public Service Organisations inffuence quality of life? 29 Apr
Iftekher Hossain: Maternal care in Bangladesh I 6 May
Jonneke Bolhaar 13 May

Eugenio Zucchelli: Microsimulation & HILDA

20 May
Silvana Robone: Vignettes & health care 27 May
Teresa Bago d'Uva (Erasmus): Vignettes & health 3 June

Ryota Nakamura and Pedro Saramago: Skills workshop

10 June

Iftekher Hossain: Maternal care in Bangladesh II

17 June
Laure de Preux: New PhD results 24 June
Skills workshop: conferences and iHEA rehearsals 1 July

Spring 2009

Silvana: working conditions & health in BHPS 14 Jan
Pedro: Educational reforms & health in NCDS 21 Jan

Mauro: Do the poor still cost more?

28 Jan
Florence Jusot & Sandy Tubeuf: Equality of opportunity 4 Feb

Eugenio: New results from HILDA - Health shocks, Self-employment and inactivity: evidence from Australia

Mauro: a presentation on measuring hospital performances using individual level data

11 Feb


Rossella: Socioeconomic status and waiting time 18 Feb
Journal club topic 3 (health dynamics) - Ryota & Silvana 25 Feb
Nigel & Silvana: Responsiveness of health care 4 Mar
Journal club topic 4 (health equity) - Laure & Pedro 11 Mar
Ryota: Analysis of obesity in ECHP 18 Mar