Accessibility statement

HEDG - Health, Econometrics and Data Group

HEDG research activities are organised under three broad themes.

  • Inequality of opportunities in health
  • Performance of health systems and organizations
  • Evaluation using econometric methods

While current research activities focus on the above themes, other projects within the Group have been varied, comprising work undertaken within national and international research projects, as well as smaller collaborations and PhD research into new applied and theoretical issues in health economics and econometric methods.

Some of these include:

  • European Workshops in Econometrics and Health Economics;
  • Cross-country comparative analysis of inequalities in health and their socio-economic determinants;
  • Modelling the dynamics of health;
  • Testing and correcting for attrition bias in longitudinal models of health;
  • Determining the role of income, income inequality and social capital on health;
  • Researching copulas and dependence, and their application to health economics;
  • Investigating the impact of health on retirement decisions – a comparative analysis of the UK and Germany;
  • Analysis of health care utilisation using latent class models;
  • Simulation estimators with applications to health and lifestyles;
  • Analysing the effect of various health indicators on hourly wages in Britain and Europe by gender.