Accessibility statement

Centre for Historical Economics and Related Research at York

CHERRY provides a forum for staff and postgraduate students which seeks to promote and further shared expertise and interests in the understanding of the historical past.

Our unique profile

CHERRY defines and pursues a vision of economic history as being an important part of Economics which can learn from and contribute to what might be defined as ‘pure’ economics. The use of theory and application of econometric modelling informs much of our work. CHERRY equally acknowledges and pursues a vital intellectual debt to and methodological insights from History.

CHERRY encompasses a range of individual research interests and expertise. To that extent it provides a meeting forum for staff and students interested in presenting and discussing research findings.

Specific research areas currently being pursued by CHERRY members are:

  • Long run economic growth and development
  • Political economy, especially institutions and growth
  • C19 and C20 monetary and financial history
  • Historical health economics
  • Historical roots of poverty