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Eat at York offers a huge selection of catering services; from coffee shops, restaurants, and catered accommodation to Street Food and delivered catering for meetings and events. We love our food and drink and are proud to provide great quality services to students, staff, and visitors to campus.
We work with companies across North Yorkshire and the surrounding area to bring the freshest, best quality, produce to campus and support local sustainable business. 

M&K Quality Butchers

Established in 1970, M&K Quality Butchers represent everything you would expect from a classic independent family run butchers. Based on Bishopthorpe Road they offer locally produced meats with the vast majority coming from around the Vale of York.

M&K Quality Butchers have an excellent reputation in the local area and are well known for their massive, but good-humoured Christmas Eve queues. All of the meats are butchered and prepared in a traditional manner to the highest possible standards to accommodate the needs of their customers, including local restaurants and hotels.

Meats from M&K Quality Butchers can be found throughout all Eat at York outlets within our freshly produced meals.

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Delifresh Ltd

Delifresh Ltd is a Bradford based supplier of fresh produce, and dairy from around Yorkshire and the North East. They work extremely hard to build relationships with growers and producers across the region, ensuring they can source the freshest and highest quality produce for all of their customers. 

Delifresh’s great rapport with suppliers allows them to be able to communicate the story of all of their produce to each customer.  For example the asparagus used at the University of York is grown just six miles from campus and tomatoes are sourced from Cawood just ten miles away! Using Yorkshire suppliers helps us to support local businesses and reduce environmental impact.

You can find produce from Delifresh Ltd in meals across all Eat at York outlets, as well as Cucina Hospitality. 

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F.R.Fowler & Son

Since 1906 F.R.Fowler & Son have being supplying quality local fish to the city of York. Former Wasps rugby union winger Richard Fowler turned down the opportunity to work at the London Ritz to dedicate himself to the four generations old family business.

Richard and his team are up from the crack of dawn every day visiting the ports of the east coast picking the freshest fish to supply their growing number of clients across North Yorkshire including many hotels and restaurants as well as the University of York. The Fowlers are also mindful of the need for conservation within our oceans, and will only deal with fishermen who abide strictly by sustainable fishing practices; ensuring fish stocks will be available for future generations.

"We have always insisted on buying freshest and best quality available." Richard Fowler

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Vanbrugh Bakery

Since its inception over eight years ago Vanbrugh Bakery has been a dedicated supplier of baked treats to all Eat at York outlets and Cucina Hospitality. They produce everything from cookies to flapjacks, to seasonal treats such as Viennese mince pies and Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

The team delicately craft all of the products from scratch using absolutely no pre-mixes. They create an average of 750 packaged cakes and snacks daily, plus all the desserts for Cucina Hospitality and Catered Accommodation in Vanbrugh.

The best place to snap up some of Vanbrugh Bakery’s goodies is at their source in Vanbrugh Food Court. A large selection of their baked goods are also available at all of our other Eat at York outlets throughout campus.

Haigh’s (Guiseley) Limited

Haigh’s (Guiseley) Limited is a family run bakery that can trace its roots back 67 years. Originally the bakery provided Haigh’s own shops with fresh baked products using traditional recipes for bread, rolls, cakes and savouries. Today they deliver throughout North and West Yorkshire to customers including; Schools, Cafes & Restaurants, Sandwich Shops and of course the University of York.

Haigh’s always try to procure from local suppliers who have a reputation for product quality and consistency. Unlike many of their competitors Haigh’s do not use preservatives in their products and everything is made from scratch, avoiding pre-mixes wherever possible.

You Can find freshly baked produce from Haigh’s (Guiseley) Limited in all Eat at York outlets.

“Our team work hard to provide our customers with wholesome quality products, made from the finest ingredients”  Adam Haigh, Managing Director.

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"At McCain, we’re passionate about potatoes. And with our potato products, we aim to bring joy to everyday meal times. As a family-owned company, we care both about using simple ingredients in our products and about our people who make them.

We started our business in Yorkshire and we’re still there today. We have four McCain factories across the UK, including our head office in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. As well as a strong network of farmers, we also own a potato seed business in Montrose, Scotland. McCain is the UK’s largest purchaser of British potatoes, buying approximately 15% of the annual potato crop. We work closely with over 250 UK growers to make sure the best potatoes are harvested."

To find out more about McCain you can visit their website, you will find information about their local sourcing, how they're reducing their carbon footprint and more. Visit:

Fresh Fayre

As a new supplier for 2019, Fresh Fayre products are being trailled in several of the Eat at York outlets on the University of York campus. Fresh Fayre pride themselves on being experts in fresh deli products, including a wide range of vegan cakes and slices, as well as a range of gluten free products. 

Fresh Fayre are a local company who also work with local suppliers. 

"As passionate as we are about food, many of our suppliers are small, local or regional operations and are well known for the quality of their products." - Fresh Fayre

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P.P. Snack

Established in 1989, this independent family run wholesale business is based in Elvington, York. 

The family run business offers a wide and varied range of soft drinks, crisps, snacks and confectionery. 

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J.G Bellerby's

J G Bellerby is located in Killinghall, North Yorkshire - it is the dairy and dry goods hub of Multihope Limited. 


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Sandwich King

"We’ve been doing this for ever such a long time, and we’ve loved every minute of it. We’re proud of our history and prouder to have been serving you your lunchtime favourites for all this time. 

We know how to put together a great lunchtime meal or snack, we certainly should do after all. 

Did we mention that we’re 25? We’re 25, you know?”

- The Sandwich King Family 

The Sandwich King have been producing and supplying sandwiches and snacks for a whopping 25 years. In that time they have got better and better at what they do. They continually refine, innovate and develop their chosen art to better tantalise and satisfy the nation’s taste buds.

Eat at York have been working with Sandwich King in individual items for awhile now, however now you'll be able to spot their brand in almost all of our outlets!

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In the UK we are one of the leading suppliers of hot beverage solutions to the foodservice sector. Bewley’s UK offers nationwide sales and service support with coffee roasting capability at our roastery in Yorkshire.