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Shop, save and sustain

As part of our sustainability policy, we have been looking into ways we can reduce food waste on campus. The new shop, save and sustain scheme tries to tackle this, whilst giving customers a chance to purchase food at discounted rates! 

In just 1 month, shop, save and sustain was taken advantage of 835 and customers managed to make a huge saving of £1,404.65!

Hot meals

  • 15 minutes before lunch service ends, in outlets that offer a hot lunch service, some hot main meals will be discounted by 50%
  • If you wish to take your food away you will need to bring your own container
  • Each outlet's discount time will depend on their opening hours
  • Outlets participating in hot meal discounts: Piazza RestaurantRoger Kirk Centre and Vanbrugh

Cold items

Important information:

  • We cannot guarantee that there will be any discounted items, as we do not always have food left over 
  • Hot drinks and retail items are not included in the discount scheme
  • Excludes breakfasts and dinners 
  • Excludes items from call to order menus
  • We will have a limited amount of discounted items, and they will be sold on a 1st come 1st serve basis
  • Discounted items will not be available before or after the allocated time period
  • Only some hot meals will be discounted, not all