Accessibility statement

No single-use cups 

On Thursday 2 January 2020, four outlets on campus (Derwent Cafe, Glasshouse, Hub Cafe and Vedge) removed single-use plastic takeaway cups. From January onwards, if you wish to take your drink away, you’ll need to provide the barista with your own cup, or you can join the YORCUP scheme. Alternatively, you can choose to have your drink in and use crockery provided.

We would like to hear your thoughts and whether you would support these changes being made across the whole campus.

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In January 2019, we only applied 1,982 discounts to customers who used a YORCUP or brought their own cup. For January 2020, this figure increased to a staggering 11,299! That’s a massive 82% increase!

Latte Levy

In January 2019, we charged over £4,400 worth of latte levy fees for customers who chose to use a single-use takeaway cup for their hot drinks. In January 2020 this figure decreased by 37% to just £2,770.


In 2018 we purchased a total of 64,845 single-use plastic cups for our outlets across campus. This figure has decreased to just 24,198 in 2019, saving over 40,000 single use cups from going to landfill!


How long is this trial?

We will be conducting the trial until the end of the academic year, when a decision will be made about the future of this idea.

If you do not have your own cup, can you get a coffee?

We have 2 alternative options, you can either enjoy your drink in the cafe using crockery provided, or you can join the YORCUP scheme for £5 (and get your first drink free).

What about Post Offer Visit Days / Open Days?

We have specifically chosen outlets which are in close proximity to other outlets which are not taking part in the trial so that any visitors can be redirected.

We have had a variety of feedback from both staff and students across campus. We are very pleased that we are receiving constructive feedback, ideas and complications are being highlighted. The main purpose of this trial is to receive feedback so that we can make an informed decision in the future, having considered all perspectives.