UoY Easter Hunt

Fancy winning yourself up to £300 worth of prizes? You've come to the right place. UoYEatShopDrink are hosting a very special Egg hunt this easter, but instead of winning the typical chocolate eggs, you can win much much more! On Tuesday 23 of April, from 10 - 3, there will be 10 balloons placed all around campus, both campus west and campus east. 





Step One: The balloons will be placed in both obvious, and hidden locations. Explore the campus to try and find our easter themed balloons!

Step Two: Think you could find the balloons? Well, IF you do, all you need to do is take a picture and post the image on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). You can do this as a normal post, or post the image as a story.

Step Three: You need to make sure you tag one of our social media accounts (all linked above) to be in with a chance of winning the prize linked to the balloon! Easy, right?!