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Name Department/Unit
Prof TJ Andrews Psychology If you are a member of the University, you may be able to see more information here if you log in.
N Armagan Psychology
JE Ashton Psychology
JJ Atkinson Psychology
Prof AD Baddeley Psychology
Dr PJ Bailey Psychology
Dr Daniel H Baker Psychology
Prof R Banse Psychology
E Barkham Psychology
Dr NE Barraclough Psychology
Dr SC Berens Psychology
J Berry Psychology
NM Birchall Psychology
Prof PC Bishop Psychology
L Bowes Psychology
SC Brigstocke Psychology
Dr PE Bull Psychology
Prof AM Burton Psychology
Dr SA Cairney Psychology
Dr JF Carey Psychology
SH Charles Psychology
AL Childs Psychology
F Chiu Psychology
Dr J Clarbour Psychology
Dr FJ Clayton Psychology
A Code Psychology
Dr R Cook Psychology
C Copper Psychology
Dr PL Cornelissen Psychology
Dr MV Cox Psychology
C Dai Psychology
A Eggleston Psychology
Prof AW Ellis Psychology
Dr KJ Elsegood Psychology
Dr K Evans Psychology
AB Fernandez Psychology
J Fisher Psychology
Dr JC Flavell Psychology
FE Fletcher Psychology
KD Fothergill Psychology
KA Freebury Psychology
M Freestone Psychology
F Gam Ostergaard Psychology
Dr Z Gao Psychology
Prof Gareth Gaskell Psychology
Dr E Geangu Psychology
Dr SP Gennari Psychology
A George Psychology
Dr SM Goebel Psychology
Dr DL Goffin Biology
A Gouws Psychology
Dr KE Graham Psychology
Prof GGR Green Psychology
MR Green Psychology
Dr S Gupta Psychology
Prof G Hall Psychology
Dr GP Hallam Psychology
MO Harrington Psychology
Dr Tom Hartley Psychology
Dr ME Hayiou-Thomas Psychology
L Henderson Psychology
VL Hensel Psychology
MM Himmelberg Psychology
Prof GJ Hitch Psychology
Dr N Ho Psychology
AJ Horner Psychology
Dr B House Psychology
M Hunter Psychology
Dr Mark Hymers Psychology
Dr A Ito Psychology
Dr K Izuma Psychology
Prof EA Jefferies Psychology
Dr R Jenkins Psychology
Dr T Jenkinson Psychology
SR Johnson Psychology
W Johnson Psychology
Dr J Jordan Psychology
S Kajimura Psychology
Dr E Kirk Psychology
Dr VCP Knowland Psychology
D Konu Psychology
KM Krieger-Redwood Psychology
Dr F Larkin Psychology
Prof S Leekam Psychology
AT Levine Psychology
CA Lin Psychology
RH Lowndes Psychology
RH Lowndes Psychology
J Lyons Psychology » York Neuroimaging Centre
Prof A Majid Psychology
Prof A Majid Psychology
Dr RT Maloney Psychology
Dr S Marzillier Psychology
Prof S Mattys Psychology
JC Mayhew Psychology » York Neuroimaging Centre
Dr CA Mccall Psychology
Prof C Mcdougall Psychology
Dr RA Mcgarrigle Psychology
NC Mcloughlin Psychology
Dr F Mcnab Psychology
Prof E Meins Psychology
M Mileva Psychology
Dr J Mirkovic Psychology
B Molz Psychology
Prof AF Monk Psychology
Prof A Morland Psychology » York Neuroimaging Centre
CE Murphy Psychology
MA Olsson Psychology
Dr K Osswald Psychology
Dr H Over Psychology
SD Palmer Psychology
EN Parker Psychology
A Pasetha Psychology
Dr DJ Pitcher Psychology
Prof S Plein Psychology
Dr CEJ Preston Psychology
Dr PT Quinlan Psychology
SV Quinn Psychology
Prof A Raine Psychology
LL Rakusen Psychology
MK Rauni Psychology
Dr AM Reid Psychology
Dr B Richard Psychology
Dr S Rueschemeyer Psychology
Jo Saunders Psychology
Dr N Savill Psychology
MTW Scott Psychology
MTW Scott Psychology
HG Simpson Psychology
Dr MW Sliwinska Psychology
Dr KE Slocombe Psychology
Dr J Smallwood Psychology
W Smith Psychology
JM Sobczak Psychology
KM Speck Psychology
LJ Spencer Psychology
S Stampacchia Psychology » York Neuroimaging Centre
S Stampacchia Psychology
Mr Rob Stone Psychology
Prof Quentin Summerfield Psychology
Prof AQ Summerfield Psychology
Prof Q Summerfield Psychology
PR Summers Psychology
CIR Teige Psychology
Dr P Thakkar Psychology
HE Thompson Psychology
Prof PG Thompson Psychology
Prof SP Tipper Psychology
Laura Tissiman Psychology
DJ Turley Psychology
GC Turner Psychology
D Vatansever Psychology
Prof P Venables Psychology
R Vernon Psychology
G Vilidaite Psychology
Prof ARP Wade Psychology » York Neuroimaging Centre
Dr SA Walker Psychology
H Wang Psychology
LA Ward Psychology
Dr MA Warmington Psychology
NS Warmus Psychology
MK Wesierska Psychology
J Whiteley Psychology
CP Wilke Psychology
CP Wilke Psychology
AH Woodward Psychology
Prof AW Young Psychology

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