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Name Department/Unit
K Andrea Physics If you are a member of the University, you may be able to see more information here if you log in.
Prof A Andreyev Physics
L Antonelli Physics
RM Armitage Physics
M Arucu Physics
KL Atkin Physics
Prof ME Babiker Physics
Dr A Bahrami Physics
Dr J Barnard Physics
Dr HC Barr Physics
Dr CJ Barton Physics
Dr P Becker Physics
Prof MA Bentley Physics
DH Bland Physics
A Bokshi Physics
C Bowman Physics
Prof E Boyes Physics » York-JEOL Centre Nanofabrication & Analy
Dr J Bredin Physics
JP Brodrick Physics
Dr JR Brown Physics
E Brunsden Physics
P Buxton Physics
Dr P Byrne Physics
Dr JJ Carey Physics
Dr SA Cavill Physics
R Chalkley Physics
Prof RW Chantrell Physics
LML Charlton-Mathews Physics
C Checkley Physics
J Chureemart Physics
P Chureemart Physics
D Conteduca Physics
DM Cook Physics
Dr A Costley Physics
Prof S Courtain Physics
Prof S C Cowley Physics
JE Crowther Physics
J Cubiss Physics
O Culfa Physics
Dr G Cunningham Physics
E Cushworth Physics
Dr I Cziegler Physics
Prof I D'Amico Physics
EG Davies Physics
Dr JP Dedrick Physics
D Del Sorbo Physics
Dr D Dickinson Physics
Dr CA Diget Physics
Prof JJ Dobaczewski Physics
X Duan Physics
BD Dudson Physics
John Emery Physics
RFL Evans Physics
NG Everett Computer Science
Dr WL Fan Physics
Dr A Ferreira Physics
Dr AMD Fil Physics
JR Flatt Physics
Dr SP Fox Physics
Prof PL Gai Physics
Prof PL Galindo Physics
Prof T Gans Physics
Mrs TM Gibbs Physics
Dr AR Gibson Physics
Prof Kieran Gibson Physics
Prof RW Godby Physics
Dr TL Grant Physics
Dr RJ Greenall Physics
Dr R Greenhow Physics
Dr P Grondein Physics
Dr Y Hancock Physics
Dr AL Hargreaves Physics
SP Hart Physics
K Harvey Physics
Dr PJ Hasnip Physics
IP Helliwell Physics
RJ Hide Physics
Dr A Higginbotham Physics
Dr PA Hill Physics
Dr AR Hirst Physics
K Imada Physics
Dr DJ Jacobs Physics
Prof D Jenkins Physics
AN Johnson Physics
Dr P Joshi Physics
J Juan-Colas Physics
Dr RG Keesing Physics
Dr DM Kepaptsoglou Physics
Dr DM Kepaptsoglou Physics
J Kim Physics
T D Kirk Physics
Prof TF Krauss Physics
Dr R Kroger Physics
B Kuerbanjiang Physics
Dr AP La Grow Physics
Dr AM Laird Physics
Dr KL Lancaster Physics
NW Langthorne Physics
Dr Leonardo Lari Physics
MR Laughton Physics
Dr V Lazarov Physics
Prof MC Leake Biology
KA Leech Physics
J Lees Physics
Dr K Li Physics
Dr PK Lightfoot Physics
Prof B Lipschultz Physics
R Lowman Physics
RP Luna Physics
Dr N Mackintosh Physics
Prof P Main Physics
L Margetts Physics
Dr D Margineda Physics
Dr E J Marsden Physics
HM Marshall Physics
E Martins Physics
Prof JA Matthew Physics
Dr GF Matthews Physics
J Mcgreevy Physics
Dr KP Mckenna Physics
Prof TC Mcleish Physics
EM Medley Physics
Dr G Melia Physics
Dr LM Miller Physics
R Mitchell Physics
SJ Moir Physics
Dr R Moreno Ortega Physics
G Mortzou Physics
Dr Chris Murphy Physics
Dr K Niemi Physics
Dr A Noy Physics
Dr D O'Connell Physics
Prof KD O'Grady Physics
M Offidani Physics
S Oldfield Physics
TA Ostler Physics
Dr ACC Padilha Physics
Dr ACC Padilha Physics
Dr C Panosetti Physics
Dr RK Parapatil Subramanian Physics
Dr S Paschalis Physics
Dr JR Pasley Physics
Dr A Pastore Physics
Prof GJ Pert Physics
Dr MK Petri Physics
MJ Pickin Physics
SW Poon Physics
Dr A Pratt Physics
JH Priestley Physics
Prof MIJ Probert Physics
Prof M Prutton Physics
Dr S Quinn Physics
MP Read Physics
Dr CP Reardon Physics
Dr ML Reinke Physics
Mrs Susan Remmer Physics
Dr CP Ridgers Physics
WK Robinson Physics
Dr Paul Rosen Physics
O Rowe Physics
SI Ruta Physics
S Schroeter Physics
CS Schuster Physics
Prof R Sharples Physics
Dr S Shashkova Physics
Dr MV Smalley Physics
Prof TP Spiller Physics
EM Stent Physics
Dr CRS Stewart Physics
A Stroughair Physics
AC Stroughair Physics
Prof S Takayama Physics
Dr L Talirz Physics
Prof GJ Tallents Physics
Dr G Taylor Physics
Dr SP Tear Physics
W Test Physics
MB Thomas Physics
Prof SM Thompson Physics
Dr C Tong Physics
Dr G Vallejo Fernandez Physics
Prof Roddy Vann Physics
AR Vaquero-Stainer Physics
AJ Vick Physics
JD Vine Physics
Prof R Wadsworth Physics
Dr Erik Wagenaars Physics
Dr CGH Walker Physics
Dr Y Wang Physics
G Watson Physics
Prof M Weinert Physics
Dr D Weller Physics
B Wilkinson Physics
Prof HR Wilson Physics
JAB Wilson Physics
Dr JN Wilson Physics
Dr LG Wilson Physics
Dr I Wilson-Rae Physics
A Wollman Physics
Prof M Woolfson Physics
Prof NC Woolsey Physics
J Wu Physics
J Young Physics
Prof J Yuan Physics
Dr Y Zayachuk Physics

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