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Name Department/Unit
M Andelkovic Physics If you are a member of the University, you may be able to see more information here if you log in.
K Andrea Physics
Prof A Andreyev Physics
L Antonelli Physics
RM Armitage Physics
CD Arran Physics
KL Atkin Physics
Prof ME Babiker Physics
Dr A Bahrami Physics
Dr J Barnard Physics
Dr HC Barr Physics
Dr CJ Barton Physics
Dr M Bashkanov Physics
Dr M Bashkanov Physics
Dr P Becker Physics
Prof MA Bentley Physics
DH Bland Physics
A Bokshi Physics
C Bowman Physics
Prof E Boyes Physics » York-JEOL Centre Nanofabrication & Analy
Dr JR Brown Physics
E Brunsden Physics
P Buxton Physics
Dr PJP Byrne Physics
Dr JJ Carey Physics
Dr SA Cavill Physics
R Chalkley Physics
Prof RW Chantrell Physics
LML Charlton-Mathews Physics
Dr L Chen Biology
J Chureemart Physics
P Chureemart Physics
D Conteduca Physics
DM Cook Physics
Dr A Costley Physics
Prof S Courtain Physics
Prof S C Cowley Physics
JE Crowther Physics
J Cubiss Physics
O Culfa Physics
E Cushworth Physics
Dr I Cziegler Physics
Prof I D'Amico Physics
EG Davies Physics
R De Almeida Rocha Ponzoni Physics
Dr JP Dedrick Physics
AL De Lima Ponzoni Physics
D Del Sorbo Physics
Dr D Dickinson Physics
Dr CA Diget Physics
Prof JJ Dobaczewski Physics
X Duan Physics
BD Dudson Physics
John Emery Physics
RFL Evans Physics
NG Everett Electronic Engineering
Dr WL Fan Physics
Dr A Ferreira Physics
Dr AMD Fil Physics
JR Flatt Physics
Dr SP Fox Physics
W Frost Physics
Prof PL Gai Physics
Prof PL Galindo Physics
Prof T Gans Physics
Dr AR Gibson Physics
Dr AR Gibson Physics
Prof Kieran Gibson Physics
Prof RW Godby Physics
Dr TL Grant Physics
Dr RJ Greenall Physics
FJB Hambly Physics
Dr Y Hancock Physics
Dr AL Hargreaves Physics
JB Harrison Physics
SP Hart Physics
K Harvey Physics
Dr PJ Hasnip Physics
IP Helliwell Physics
RJ Hide Physics
Dr A Higginbotham Physics
DW Hill Physics
Dr PA Hill Physics
Dr AR Hirst Physics
MJP Hodgson Physics
JJ Hussey Physics
K Imada Physics
Prof D Jenkins Physics
PRM Jennings Physics
AN Johnson Physics
Dr P Joshi Physics
J Juan-Colas Physics
Dr RG Keesing Physics
Dr A Kenaan Physics
Dr DM Kepaptsoglou Physics
Dr DM Kepaptsoglou Physics
T Khumalo Physics
T D Kirk Physics
Dr A Kohn Physics
Prof TF Krauss Physics
Dr R Kroger Physics
B Kuerbanjiang Physics
Dr AP La Grow Physics
Dr AM Laird Physics
Dr KL Lancaster Physics
NW Langthorne Physics
Dr Leonardo Lari Physics
MR Laughton Physics
Dr V Lazarov Physics
Prof MC Leake Biology
S Lecinski Physics
Dr J Lee Physics
KA Leech Physics
Dr K Li Physics
Dr PK Lightfoot Physics
Prof B Lipschultz Physics
R Lowman Physics
RP Luna Espinoza Physics
Dr N Mackintosh Physics
Prof P Main Physics
L Margetts Physics
Dr D Margineda Physics
Dr E J Marsden Physics
HM Marshall Physics
Prof JA Matthew Physics
Dr GF Matthews Physics
Dr KP Mckenna Physics
Prof TC Mcleish Physics
EM Medley Physics
S Mhlongo Physics
Dr LM Miller Physics
R Mitchell Physics
SJ Moir Physics
Dr R Moreno Ortega Physics
G Mortzou Physics
Dr Chris Murphy Physics
Dr K Niemi Physics
Dr A Noy Physics
Dr D O'Connell Physics
Prof KD O'Grady Physics
S Oldfield Physics
Prof N Orce Physics
Dr C Panosetti Physics
Dr RK Parapatil Subramanian Physics
Dr S Paschalis Physics
Dr JR Pasley Physics
Dr A Pastore Physics
Dr J Pereira-Lopez Physics
Prof GJ Pert Physics
Dr MK Petri Physics
L Phefo Physics
MJ Pickin Physics
Dr SW Poon Physics
Dr A Pratt Physics
JH Priestley Physics
Prof MIJ Probert Physics
Prof M Prutton Physics
Dr S Quinn Physics
Dr MP Read Physics
Dr CP Reardon Physics
Dr ML Reinke Physics
Mrs Susan Remmer Physics
Dr CP Ridgers Physics
RC Roberts Physics
WK Robinson Physics
Dr Paul Rosen Physics
O Rowe Physics
SI Ruta Physics
S Sampanapai Physics
Dr C Schaefer Physics
S Schroeter Physics
CS Schuster Physics
Prof R Sharples Physics
Dr S Shashkova Physics
Dr MV Smalley Physics
Prof TP Spiller Physics
EM Stent Physics
Dr CRS Stewart Physics
A Stroughair Physics
AC Stroughair Physics
A Suri Physics
Prof S Takayama Physics
Prof GJ Tallents Physics
JBD Taylor Physics
Dr SP Tear Physics
W Test Physics
Prof SM Thompson Physics
Dr C Tong Physics
Dr G Vallejo Fernandez Physics
Prof Roddy Vann Physics
AR Vaquero-Stainer Physics
JD Vine Physics
Dr AC Von Der Heydt Physics
Prof R Wadsworth Physics
Dr Erik Wagenaars Physics
Dr CGH Walker Physics
Dr Y Wang Physics
George Watson Physics
Prof DP Watts Physics
Prof DP Watts Physics
J S Weaver Physics
Prof M Weinert Physics
Dr D Weller Physics
Dr D Werthmueller Physics
A Wijaikhum Physics
B Wilkinson Physics
Prof HR Wilson Physics
JAB Wilson Physics
Dr JN Wilson Physics
Dr LG Wilson Physics
Dr I Wilson-Rae Physics
A Wollman Physics
Prof M Woolfson Physics
Prof NC Woolsey Physics
BA Wootton Physics
J Wu Physics
Prof J Yuan Physics
Dr N Zachariou Physics
Dr N Zachariou Physics
Dr Y Zayachuk Physics

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