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Name Department/Unit
Dr KM Allen Philosophy If you are a member of the University, you may be able to see more information here if you log in.
Prof TR Baldwin Philosophy
Dr CD Belshaw Philosophy
JM Bertram Philosophy
HK Bradley Philosophy
Dr J Buckland Philosophy
Dr AD Carpenter Philosophy
A Carte Politics, Economics and Philosophy
Dr HY Chappell Philosophy
RM Chappell Philosophy
JA Clarke Philosophy
Dr JL Cockayne Philosophy
F Contesi Philosophy
Prof GP Currie Philosophy
RA Davies Philosophy
RC Davis Philosophy
Dr D Debus Philosophy
CS Dixon Philosophy
Dr CM Dowling Philosophy
Dr D Efird Philosophy
Dr JB Eldred Philosophy
Dr S Everson Philosophy
SJ Finn Philosophy
Dr CJE Gustafsson Philosophy
R Hall Philosophy
Dr B Harrison Philosophy
Dr SM Holland Philosophy
Dr OJ Hulatt Philosophy
Prof S Hutton Philosophy
Dr D Ingram Philosophy
CT Jay Philosophy
Dr S Johnston Philosophy
Nick Jones Philosophy
D Karpuk Philosophy
JL Kay Philosophy
Prof PV Lamarque Philosophy
BJ Lee Philosophy
Dr MC Leng Philosophy
Dr C Luo Philosophy
Prof ME Mcginn Philosophy
Dr DV Molto Philosophy
LJ Moody Philosophy
Dr D Morgan Philosophy
Prof PJP Noordhof Philosophy
KM Norris Philosophy
JMH Ormerod Politics, Economics and Philosophy
Dr S Panagakou Philosophy
Dr S Patterson Philosophy
Dr CJ Piller Philosophy
Prof MAK Qizilbash Economics
Prof W Rabinowicz Politics, Economics and Philosophy
Prof M J Ratcliffe Philosophy
Dr LF Richardson Philosophy
Dr F Salis Philosophy
Dr Ro Smith Philosophy
Prof TWC Stoneham Philosophy
EL Sullivan-Bissett Philosophy
Prof AP Thomas Philosophy
EML Thorsson Philosophy
EML Thorsson Philosophy
Dr R Trueman Philosophy
RA Ward Philosophy
JR Warman Philosophy
Dr J M Wigglesworth Philosophy
Prof Catherine Wilson Philosophy
D Worsley Philosophy

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