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Name Department/Unit
Dr TMA Alberts History If you are a member of the University, you may be able to see more information here if you log in.
Dr H Altink History
JR Anderson History
Dr JL Applin History of Art
G Arnott History
Prof TJF Ayers History of Art
Dr ADM Barrell History
Prof T Barringer History of Art
S Bauer History
Dr L Beers History
Dr A Behm History
Dr O Benesch History
Mr Johan Bergstrom-Allen History
Prof RJ Bessel History
O Betts History
Prof S Bhattacharya History
EC Biggs History
Prof PPA Biller History
Prof LEI Black History
Dr J Boaden History of Art
Dr F Bound Alberti History
Dr M Bowman History
Revd Dr P Bradford History
H Bradley History
Dr BE Brogan History
SE Brown History of Art
Dr S Burnage History of Art
C Campbell History
Prof SM Carroll History
Dr SM Clarke History
Dr DW Clayton History
Dr R Clayton History
Dr Q Colville History
Dr CE Cooper Electronic Engineering
Dr JPD Cooper History
Dr M Coughlan History of Art
Dr HL Cowie History
HD Crevald History
Dr KCM Cross History
Dr KCM Cross History
Prof MC Cross History
Dr GT Cubitt History
Prof WM Davis History of Art
Dr JC De Groot History
Prof SR Ditchfield History
Prof CM Divall History
Dr SS Dolamulla History
Dr PR Dryburgh History
Dr EJ Durot History
Dr SD Dyas History
CC Edwards History
Prof J Edwards History of Art
Dr S Fagence Cooper History of Art
DE Fenton History of Art
Prof AI Forrest History
Dr DM Fowler History
Dr JA Frost History
GM Galloway Centre for Medieval Studies
Dr N Ganneri History
Dr M Garrison History
Prof A Geraghty History of Art
Prof J Germann History of Art
P Gibbs History
Dr NAF Glaisyer History
Dr PJP Goldberg History
R Green History of Art
Dr H Greig History
SK Hall History
Dr E Hallam Smith History
S Halls History of Art
Prof GRW Halsall History
Dr HY Halstead History
LA Hampson History
JDH Hanley History
EL Hansen Student and Academic Services » Student Services » Examinations
DJM Harland History
SC Hartley History
Prof AJ Hawkes History of Art
Dr RCE Hayes History
Dr JM Heinzen History
Dr KJT Herrington History of Art
Dr R Hill History of Art
Prof H Hills History of Art
Dr Jonathan Howlett History
BA Hunt History
Dr DN Huyssen History
Dr JS Jago History of Art
Dr JC Jenkins History
Dr M Jenner History
Dr RP Johns History of Art
Dr TL Johnson History
Dr M Jones History
Dr M Jurkowski History
A Kay History
CA Kennedy History
SJ King History of Art
Dr KP Kinsella History of Art
Dr CEC Kinsey History of Art
Dr T Kittler History of Art
Dr A Koch History
Dr BRD Lambert History
Dr BRD Lambert History
PJ Lankester History of Art
Prof G Leff History
TP Lennon Temp Pool
H Li History
Dr X Li History
Prof AR Lillie History of Art
Dr E Lugli History of Art
Dr JA Lutkin History
Dr JS Mackman History
FE Maguire History
Prof RC Marks History of Art
Dr G Matino History of Art
Dr G Matino History of Art
Dr G Mccann History
CL Mead History
Dr AJ Medcalf History
Dr S Merlo Perring History
Dr H Metcalfe History
Dr S Mitelpunkt History
Dr H Momen History
Prof DG Moon History
Dr B C Morris History
Dr THR Munt History
Dr J Murdoch History
Dr EKM Murphy History
Prof A Musson History
Dr M Myrone History of Art
G Neale History
Prof C Norton History of Art
Dr JE Nuechterlein History of Art
Dr S O'Rourke History
Prof WM Ormrod History
VC Oulton History
Prof DM Palliser History
Dr DEA Park History
LJ Parker History
SJ Peel History
Dr H Pereira History
Prof EF Prettejohn History of Art
S Quinn Humanities Research Centre
Dr JSM Ramirez History of Art
Dr I Rauch History of Art » Stained Glass Conservation
Prof SR Rees Jones History
Prof L Reilly History of Art
Dr J Rendall History
Dr CPM Renwick History
M Reynolds History
HM Richards History of Art
C Ridgway History
EP Roberts History
Dr Mark Cardwell Roodhouse History
Prof E Royle History
SJ Rubery History
Dr MA Saavedra History
Dr LJ Sackville History
Dr J Sanjurjo History
J Sanjurjo History
Dr R Scott History
BK Scowcroft History
Dr T Sepp History
Dr HL Service History
Prof JA Sharpe History
Prof WJ Sheils History
NC Sheppard History
H Shin History
Dr N Sinclair History of Art
Dr SA Sneddon History
TJ Spain History
EA Spencer History
Ms EA Spencer History
Dr MLG Spencer History
Dr MLG Spencer History
Dr C Steer History
Prof L Stewart History
TR Straszewski History of Art
Dr G Sullivan History of Art
Prof N Takeda History
Dr NJ Tarrant History
Dr CD Taylor History
Prof M Taylor History
Dr C Tebbutt History
Dr G Thomas History
P Trippi History of Art
Dr C I Tuckley History
Dr Victoria Turner History
Dr CH Van Wyhe History of Art
Dr SJ Vincent Centre Renaissance & Early Mod Studies
Dr P Vohra History
HJ Vorholt History of Art
NH Walter History
SA Walters History
Prof J Walvin History
Dr AJ Warren History
FM Watson History of Art
Dr S Watson History
Dr S Weeks History
Dr SP Wetherell History
Prof MJ White History of Art
Prof D Wootton History
Dr R Wright History
Dr R Wright History

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