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Name Department/Unit
Dr JN Airey Education If you are a member of the University, you may be able to see more information here if you log in.
HM Alcelik Education
V Arkhipenka Education
KF Armstrong Education
Dr K Asbury Education
SL Atkinson Education
J Barnard Education
Dr B Bassetti Education
Dr C Beauvais Education
VE Bell Education
Prof JM Bennett Education » Science Education Group
Y Bent Education
EM Black Education
EM Black Education
CL Blackmore Education
B Blanchard Institute for Effective Education
C Bolibaugh Education
A Bostancioglu Education
Dr CA Bowyer-Crane Education
MR Braund Education
Dr EJ Brown Education
Dr RM Campbell Education
Prof ME Chambers Institute for Effective Education
JM Chantry Education
ACK Cheung Institute for Effective Education
Dr A Cirocki Education
SM Clark Education
Dr J Coles Education
S Craft Institute for Effective Education
ML Crosswaite Institute for Effective Education
Prof I Davies Education
MS Davies Education
Dr L Dunlop Education
EL Dysart-Stephenson Psychology
Dr K El Ebyary Education
D Ellis Education
J Fagan Education
P Fairhurst Education
P Fairhurst Education
G Fay Education
Dr LE Foulkes Education
Dr LE Foulkes Education
I Fountain Institute for Effective Education
Dr D Gallard Education
KE Gill Education
H Granger Education
K Gregson Education
Dr Y Griffiths Education
G S Hall Education
A C Halnan Education
Dr SE Hancock Education
Dr ZL Handley Education
Prof FC Hardman Education
Dr J Hardman Education
JM Haslam Vice Chancellor's Department
LM Haviland Education
N Henson Education
HJ Houghton Education
Dr J Issitt Education
VA Jack Education
Dr D Jesson Education
O Jones Education
V Jorg Education
Dr H Joseph Education
G Juan Education
L Kim Education
Prof RM Klassen Education
Dr KJ Knox Education » Science Education Group
Dr I Kuzborska Education
Prof C Kyriacou Education
Dr U Lanvers Education
R Lingard Education
Prof I Lister Education
Dr H Lortie-Forgues Education
FE Lubben Education
JM Macdonald Education
C Mackinder Institute for Effective Education
N Mann Institute for Effective Education
Dr EJ Marsden Education
Dr H Marshall Education
E Maxwell Education
Dr T Mccowan Education
J Mccullagh Education
Dr JN Mcguinn Education
Dr N Mifka-Profozic Education
Prof RH Millar Education
AM Moore Education
PC Mountford Education
A Naylor Education
LL Nicklin-Reeves Education
D Nielsen Education
CL O'Neill Education
D O'Reilly Education
D O'Reilly Education
SE Olive Education
MCC Ondiek Education
CA Otter Education » Science Education Group
H Parker Education
Dr E Pavlidou Education
J Pitt Education
K Pulleyn Institute for Effective Education
Prof L Roberts Education
Dr P Roberts Education
NH Robinson Institute for Effective Education
ME Robison Institute for Effective Education
FFS Said Education
Dr AM Scott Education
Dr AJ Shaw Institute for Effective Education
CM Shawyer Education
E Sims Temp Pool
Dr CE Smith Education
HE Snelson Education
HE Snelson Education
WG Soden Education
JK South Palomares Education
AE Stead Education
V Sundaram Education
Dr E Swinbank Education
AK Symington Education
Dr BB Szczepek Reed Education
C Taylor Education
S Thompson Education
KA Thorley Education
KA Thorley Institute for Effective Education
D Thyne Education
Dr UM Toseeb Education
Dr UM Toseeb Education
N Towle Education
Dr LC Tracey Institute for Effective Education
Dr Danijela Trenkic Education
P Trujillo Hull York Medical School
Dr MGW Turkenburg Education
Dr N Vanek Education
Prof G Vulliamy Education
PBJ Wakeling Education
Dr P Watkins Education
AM Whitehouse Education
Dr M Wigelsworth Education
ME Yates Education

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