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The directory consists of two parts - the people directory and the classified directory. The people directory contains contact details for specific people at the University; the classified directory contains entries for general enquiry numbers or for generic job functions e.g. porters, head of department. The front page offers two search forms which enable you to access the appropriate part of the directory.

Anyone can use the people directory, but the information you can see depends on whether you have a University account and what your status is at the University. The classified directory is only available to people with a University account.

People Directory

You should use the People Directory if you are looking for a particular person and know their name/email adddress/phone number or you want a list of all the people in a department / unit by name. To search the People Directory, use the left-hand box on the Directory front page. The People Directory does not include details for non-personal entries such as Enquiries or for generic job functions such as as Porter. To find such details, use the Classified Directory.

After performing a search from the front page you are taken to a page showing a summary of matching people, including their name and their department / unit. Each person's name on this page is a link to a page showing more information about that person. Additionally, you can follow links from their department / units to see all the people in that department / unit. For example, if you search for people whose surname is Bloggs, you may see an entry similar to the following:

Name Phone Email Department/Unit
Joe BloggsFollow these links to see more information about each person 01904 32 1234 IT Services » Information Systems » Web ServicesFollow these links to see all the people in that unit

Following the Joe Bloggs link for such an entry would take you to a page giving more information about Joe Bloggs. Following the IT Services link under Department/Unit would show you all people in the IT Services and following the Web Services link would show you all people in the Web Services unit within IT Services.

Exactly what information you can see for a particular person depends on who you are and who they are. See Personalised Results for more information. Where possible, the IT Services username is included on the more information page.

Personalised Results

The information you can see in the people directory depends on who you are and which person you are looking for. The people directory recognizes three types of users:

A member of staff at the University or an associate registered with the University
A student registered with the University
All other users

Each person in the people directory can configure their own entry to appear differently depending on what type of user is viewing it. For example, they could choose that only Staff can see their email address and full name, but Students and Public can only see their phone number, initials and surname.

Any user that has not logged into the directory is given Public status. If you wish to search the people directory with Staff or Student status, you must first log in with your personal University username and password. If you log in with a non-personal account you will be given Public access rights.

In general, you will get better search results if you log in to the directory before searching.

Searching the People Directory

The people directory search form allows you to search for people based on a variety of criteria, and to specify whether you wish to search for staff, students or both. Searches are not case-sensitive. Only entries matching all your specified criteria will be returned.


When searching on a surname, the default action is to only return entries that exactly match what you typed. However, you can change this behaviour by making a different selection in the drop-down menu before the text box. This can be useful if you are unsure of exactly how a surname is spelled.


When searching on a department/unit, you can enter a full department/unit name or just part of one. For example, if you enter 'comp' and click Search, you will get results for all people in a department or unit that has part of its name beginning with 'comp'. This would include people in Computing Service and Computer Science, but also in the Finance and Compliance unit, which is part of Finance. The results page highlights the string that you searched on to make it easier to see why a particular entry has been matched.

The department/unit text box also has an auto-complete feature to assist you if you are unsure of the name of a particular department or unit. To use this, simply enter a few characters into the text box and then wait a second. All department/unit names that contain words starting with the characters you entered will appear in a drop-down list below the text box. You can then select the department/unit name that you want from this list and use it in your search.

Email Address (logged in users only)

When searching on an email address, you can enter a full email address, or just the start of it in order to see all results. Additionally, you can an enter an IT Services username here. Examples of valid searches:, joe.bloggs, joe. (anyone with an email address starting with "joe."),, abcd123 (a username search).


You can only enter a phone extension here, e.g. 1234. It is not possible to search for a full phone number, e.g. 01904 321234. However, results will be displayed in the expanded form, with national dialling code and direct-dial prefix (where possible).


By default, the search form only searches for staff entries. If you want your search to include students, tick the Students box at the bottom of the form.

Managing Your Own People Directory Entry

If you have an entry in the people directory, you can customise how it will appear to others by using the Online Directory Configuration Tool. This tool allows you to choose which (if any) of your details should be displayed to staff, students and members of the public.

Please note that your personal details are derived from administrative data sources. If you wish changes to be made you will need to contact the relevant administrative office. Contact information is provided in the configuration tool.

Classified Directory

You should use the Classified Directory if you don't know a contact name or need a contact for a particular job function or a general enquiry. To search or browse the Classified Directory, use the right-hand box on the Directory front page. The Classified Directory does not include personal details for specific people within a department / unit, except for when they hold a particular job-function such as Head of Department, Board of Studies Chair etc. To find specific people, use the People Directory.

Browsing the Classified Directory

You can browse the Classified Directory by department / unit names by following the link in the right-hand box on the Directory front page. This gives you a list of all departments / units and the sub-units within them. An excerpt from this list could look like the following example:

Following the Chemistry link above would take you to a page giving all the Classified Directory entries for Chemistry. This could include the general enquiries number, the details for the head of department and the porter and the number for Chemistry Stores. The two links beneath Chemistry in the above example are for sub-units of Chemistry. Following these links would give similar details as for the Chemistry link.

You can jump straight to a section beginning with a particular letter by using the shortcut bar at the top of the list.

When browsing the Classified Directory, the list is initially ordered by departments or top-level units, e.g. Chemistry, Student Services. Sub-units are then nested below these top-level units, as shown in the example above. If you would prefer to just see a single list that is ordered alphabetically, you can do this by following the link below the shortcut bar. Sub-units will then be sorted according to their name and will appear alongside top-level units.

Searching the Classified Directory

You can search the Classified Directory by using the search box in the right-hand box on the Directory front page or at the top of a Classified Directory page. The Classified Directory will display any entry that contains all of your search terms. Searches are not case-sensitive.

If you search for 'porter', the Classified Directory will return all entries that contain words beginning with 'porter' e.g. 'Porter' and 'Portering'. The same is true for searches with more than one search term e.g. searching for 'porter info' would return an entry for Portering Information'. The order that you enter your search terms in does not matter, so searching for 'info porter' would still return an entry for 'Portering Information'. You could also search for 'alcuin' to return all entries that contain 'alcuin' &emdash; this would include all entries under 'Alcuin College'.

Search terms can only contain upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, underscores and spaces. Any other characters will be automatically removed from your search. You must enter at least two characters to search for.

Updating the Classified Directory

All of the entries in the Classified Directory are maintained by Telephony. If you find any omissions or errors in the Classified Directory, please report them by emailing

Technical Issues

If you experience any technical issues when using the Online Directory, please contact the IT Support Office (01904 32 3838 or email

Finding Further Information

Further information on contacting people can be found at the contacts page.

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