Below is a template that can be used when submitting enquiries for design work. It might be helpful to save this into your canned response in your email account for future enquiries to Design Solutions.

Send your completed version of the below template in an email to and we will respond to your enquiry shortly.

Email subject: New Job – Title of Job


Would like first proof by:


Department / Company:

Email Address:

Contact Number:

Workorder (including analysis code if necessary):

Previous job number (if necessary):                                                                   

Title of new design job:

Brief for designers: Please include as much detail as possible. This should include size, the purpose of the design, who your target audience is and attachments of or links to any examples you already like.

Essential inclusions: Logos, images, copy, and brand guidelines if you have them. How do you need to receive the final artwork (PDF, JPEG etc)?