Edited by E S Pearson and M G Kendall (QUARTO S 0.9 STU)


  1. Dicing and gaming by F N David
  2. The beginnings of probability calculus by M G Kendall
  3. A Note on playing cards by M G Kendall
  4. The Book of Fate by M G Kendall
  5. Random mechanisms in Talmudic literature by A M Hasofer
  6. Where shall the history of statistics begin? by M G Kendall
  7. Medical statistics from Graunt to Farr by M Greenwood
  8. The principle of the arithmetic mean by R L Plackett
  9. A note on the early solutions of the problem of the duration of play by A R Thatcher
  10. An essay towards solving a problem in the doctrine of chances by T Bayes (with a biographical note by G A Barnard)
  11. The most probable choice between several discrepant observations and the formulation therefrom of the most likely induction by D Bernoulli (with observations by L Euler and an introductiory note by M G Kendall)
  12. A note on the history of the graphical presentation of nature by E Royston
  13. Thomas Young on coincidences by M G Kendall
  14. Notes on the history of correlation by Karl Pearson
  15. The historical development of the Gauss linear model by H L Seal
  16. On the early history of the law of large numbers by O B Sheynin
  17. A note on the early statistical study of literary style by C B Williams
  18. De Morgan and the statistical study of literary style by R D Lord
  19. Isaac Todhunter's History of the Mathematical Theory of Probability by M G Kendall
  20. Francis Ysidro Edgeworth, 1845-1926 by M G Kendall
  21. Walter Frank Raphael Weldon, 1860-1926 by Karl Pearson
  22. Some incidents in the early history of biometry and statistics 1890-94 by E S Pearson
  23. Some reflexions on continuity in the development of mathematical statistics, 1885-1920 by E S Pearson
  24. William Sealy Gosset, 1876-1937 (1) ``Student'' as a man by L McMullen, (2) ``Student'' as a statistician by E S Pearson
  25. Some early correspondence between W S Gosset, R A Fisher and Karl Pearson with notes and comments by E S Pearson
  26. George Udny Yule, 1871-1951 by M G Kendall
  27. Karl Pearson 1857 (1957). A centenary lecture delivered at University College London by J B S Haldane
  28. Ronald Aylmer Fisher, 1890-1962 by M G Kendall
  29. The Neyman-Pearson story: 1926-1934. Historical sidelights on an episode in Anglo-Polish collaboration


Edited by M G Kendall and R L Plackett (QUARTO S 0.9 STU)


  1. On the possible and probable in Ancient Greece by S Sambursky
  2. Probability in the Talmud by N L Rabinovitch
  3. Combinations and probabilities in rabbinic literature by N L Rabinovitch
  4. A Budget of paradoxes by H L Seal
  5. An argument for Divine Providence, taken from the constant regularity observ'd in the births of both sexes by J Arbuthnot
  6. Measurement in the study of society by M G Kendall
  7. The early history of index numbers by M G Kendall
  8. Abraham De Moivre's 1733 derivation of the normal curve: a bibliographical note by R S Daw and E S Pearson
  9. The historical development of the use of generating functions in probability theory by H L Seal
  10. Boscovich and the combination of observations by C Eisenhart
  11. Daniel Bernoulli on the normal law by O B Sheynin
  12. D Bernoulli's work on probability by O B Sheynin
  13. Progress in the middle of the eighteenth century. Süssmilch and his contemporaries. Estimates and enumerations of population. Progess of theory at the close of the eighteenth century by H Westergaard.
  14. Leading British statisticians of the nineteenth century by P J FitzPatrick
  15. Notes on the history of quantification in sociology trends, sources and problems by P F Lazerfeld
  16. Laplace, Fisher, and the discovery of the concept of sufficiency by S M Stigler
  17. The discovery of the method of least squares by R L Plackett
  18. Development of the notion of statistical dependence by H O Lancaster
  19. Florence Nightingale as a statistician by E W Kopf
  20. On the history of some statistical laws of distribution by O B Sheynin
  21. The work of Ernst Abbe by M G Kendall
  22. Entropy, probability and information by M G Kendall
  23. A history of random processes. I. Brownian motion from Brown to Perrin by S G Brush
  24. Branching processes since 1873 by D G Kendall
  25. The simple brancning process, a turing point test and a fundamental inequality: a historical note on I.J. Bienaymé by C C Heyde and E Seneta
  26. Simon Newcomb, Percy Daniell, and the history of robust estimation 1885-1920 by S M Stigler
  27. The hypothesis of elementary errors and the Scandinavian school in statistical theory by C-E Särndal
  28. On the history of certain expansions used in mathematical statistics by H Cramér
  29. Historical survey of the development of sampling theories and practice by You Poh Seng
  30. Sir Arthur Lyon Bowley (1869-1957) by W F Maunder
  31. Note on the history of sampling methods in Russia by S S Zarkovic
  32. A supplement to ``Note on the history of sampling methods in Russia'' by S S Zarkovic.


    The two collections Studies in the History of Statistics and Probability, edited by E S Pearson and M G Kendall, Griffin 1970 and Studies in the History of Statistics and Probability, Volume II, edited by M G Kendall and R L Plackett, Griffin 1977, contain all of numbers I to XXXII of the occasional series Studies in the History of Statistics and Probability. There are in fact two diferent papers numbered XXI, one by O B Sheynin and the other by M G Kendall; however, the latter, hereafter denoted XXI bis is unique in that it first appeared in Rev. Int. Stat. Inst. rather than in Biometrika, which is where all the other papers first appeared.

    Numbers I to XXI appear in the first volume as papers with the following Arabic numbers:

    I - 1; II - 2; III - 12; IV - 17; V - 3; VI - 9; VII - 8; VIII - 18; IX - 10; X - 6; XI - 11; XII - 4; XIII - 19; XIV - 22; XV - 15; XVI - 5; XVII - 23; XVIII - 13; XIX - 20; XX - 25; XXI - 16.

    Numbers XXI bis and XXII to XXXII appear in Volume II as papers with the following Arabic numbers:

    XXI bis - 7; XXII - 2; XXIII - 11; XXIV - 3; XXV - 20; XXVI - 21; XXVII - 27; XXVIII - 28; XXIX - 17; XXX - 8; XXXI - 25; XXXII - 16.




    (Page numbers in italics are in Volume II)

    Arbuthnott, J, 30
    Barnard, G A, 131
    Bayes, T R, 131
    Bernoulli, D, 155
    Brush, S G, 347
    Cramér, H, 437
    David, F N, 1
    Daw, R H, 63
    Eisenhart, C, 88
    Euler, L, 155
    FitzPatrick, P J, 180
    Greenwood, M, 47
    Haldane, J B S, 427
    Hasofer, A M, 39
    Heyde, C C, 406
    Kendall, D G, 383
    Kendall, M G, 19, 35, 37, 45, 155, 183, 253, 257, 419, 439, 35, 51, 331, 337
    Kopf, E W, 310
    Lancaster, H O, 293
    Lazarsfeld, P F, 213
    Lord, H D, 251
    McMullem, L, 355
    Maunder, W F, 459
    Pearson, E S, 323, 339, 360, 405, 455, 63
    Pearson, K, 185, 265, 479
    Plackett, R L, 121, 279
    Rabinovich, N L, 15, 21
    Royston, E, 173
    Sambursky, S, 1
    S&\uml;rndel, C-E, 419
    Seal, H L, 207, 24, 67
    Seneta, E, 406
    Seng Y P, 446
    Sheynin, O B, 231, 101, 105, 328
    Stigler, S M, 271, 416
    Thatcher, R, 127
    Westergaard, H, 133
    Williams, C B, 241
    Zarkovic, S S, 482, 486

    Revised 18 August 2004