Commercial Services Catering and Hospitality plays a key role in the provision and support of more sustainable choices for our customers. We are constantly striving to incorporate environmental and social considerations when choosing our suppliers, during production and the delivery of our services. 

In our procurement we:

  • are reducing paper-based transactions within the purchase-to-pay cycle using an e-purchasing system
  • continue to develop the use of Fair Trade and other ethically traded products and services
  • use seasonally available ingredients where possible, to minimise energy used in food production, transport and storage
  • use a range of local suppliers, including M&K Butchers, Delifresh, Haighs Bakery, Fowler Seafood, Hodgson fish, York Brewery, PP snack and York Coin
  • exclude fish identified as most at risk by the Marine Conservation Society 

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In development & production we:

  • endeavour to reduce the amount of meat and dairy used and increase the number of vegetarian and vegan dishes available
  • increase the use of seasonal vegetables and fruits wherever possible
  • use of only free-range “Red Lion” stamped whole eggs in all our kitchens
  • only provide Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified teas and coffees 
  • reduce packaging, labelling, transportation and delivery by producing food on site

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Reusable Cup Trial

Cucina Hospitality are currently trialling the use of risk husk and plant resin reusable mugs. This is part of the Catering & Hospitality goal to eliminate single use materials on campus. If you have any feedback regarding the mugs please fill out our feedback form.

Information about the cups:

  • cups are 100% natural made from 80% rice husk and 20% plant resin
  • the sleeves are made from food grade silicone
  • the cup biodegrades in industrial compost within 90 days
  • the cups have antibacterial properties
  • they are domestic dishwasher and microwave safe