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Risk stratification in febrile neutropenia

Posted on 6 July 2016

A new paper by Bob Phillips, Senior Clinical Academic Fellow at CRD, and the PICNICC (Predicting Infectious Complications of Neutropenic sepsis In Children with Cancer) collaborative has been published in the European Journal of Cancer.

Teenagers and young adults with cancer are unusual in that they are not-quite children and not-quite older adults. Their differences have driven clinicians, researchers and charities to look for specialised answers to the questions they and their diseases pose.

The international PICNICC collaborative have used the database of over 5000 individual participant data items to examine how well clinical risk stratification rules for febrile neutropenia, an infectious complication of cancer treatment, work in this age range.

The paper has been published in the European Journal of Cancer and has an accompanying video, aimed at explaining the study in non-technical terms.