Our Software

In adopting a rigourous approach to the development of our models, we have created a number of software packages that will assist external researchers develop and analyse their simulations.


We aim to make our simulations available for the research community to utilise in their own research, and to scrutinise and comment upon. Our recently published simulations of EAE (ARTIMMUS) and Peyer's Patch (PPSim) development can be found in the menu on the left.

Simulation Analysis

We are utilising statistical techniques to understand the relationship between a simulation and the real-world system it captures. To aid researchers in adopting these techniques, we have packaged these in two packages, SPARTAN and ASPASIA, and made these freely available for academic use.

Confidence in Simulation

We are utilising and developing techniques that aim to increase confidence in the use of simulation as a tool for furthering our understanding of biological systems. This work includes Artoo, a tool that can be used to argue that a simulation is fit for this purpose.