Engineer's Guide to Exploring Rationale in Systems Pharmacology Models Accepted for Publication

Posted on 13 November 2016

Our latest tutorial paper on building confidence in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology models has been accepted for publication in CPT Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology

This tutorial, available from the CPT website, follows our previous work on the application of argumentation in the development of models of biological systems, with the focus being specific to the engineering approaches that underlie the development of these models. The paper uses our ongoing work on Leishmania as its focus, stepping through the process through which argumentation can be used to increase cconfidence in a generated computer model. The paper is the result of a collaboration between members of YCIL (Jon Timmis, Kieran Alden, Mark Coles, Paul Kaye) and SimOmics Ltd (Paul Andrews, Ed Clark, Becky Naylor, Adam Nellis), a spin-out company formed and directed by Jon Timmis and Mark Coles.

Full Abstract:

This tutorial promotes good practice for exploring the rationale of systems pharmacology models. A safety systems engineering inspired notation approach provides much needed rigour and transparency in development and application of models for therapeutic discovery and design of intervention strategies. Structured arguments over a model's development, underpinning biological knowledge, and analyses of model behaviours, are constructed to determine the confidence that a model is fit for the purpose for which it will be applied.