Kieran Alden

Postdoctoral Research Associate


I am a Research Associate in Intelligent and Adaptive Systems, at the University of York's Department of Electronics and York Computational Immunology Lab

My principal research interests lie in examining the engineering approaches by which models of biological systems are developed: to build confidence in computational models and software that aim to further our understanding of biological systems. This includes examining frameworks to capture biological information, through to creating, running, and analysing the resultant simulator.

I studied Computer Science at Royal Holloway, University of London before later completing a Masters of Research in Computational Biology at the University of York. I stayed at York to complete a PhD in the Department of Biology, jointly funded by the Centre for Immunology and Infection and Departments of Computer Science. Following my PhD I spent a year as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Systems Biology at the University of Birmingham, funded by the NC3R's, before returning to York in March 2013. My return was funded by the YCIL consolidator grant awarded by York's Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders, and aim to develop integrated approaches to modelling immunology. Since October 2015 I have worked for the Department of Electronics as senior postdoc in Jon Timmis' group, assisting to run Jon's research group while he is Head of Department, as well as examining computational modelling in examiming immune system development and function and simulating bio-inspired robotic systems.

I also spent a short spell at Phil Bourne's lab at the University of California San Diego in 2008, and secured funding for a further brief spell in 2012. My work there focused on the development of software tools that assist research conducted by structural biologists.

My PhD research can be found on the research pages of the YCIL website.

I am lead developer and mainatiner of the SPARTAN Toolkit, developed here in York to help understand the relationship between a simulation and the biological system that it has been built to represent. I also continue to work with Phil Bourne's lab on dConsensus, a tool I developed while at UCSD, which is in the process of being migrated to services at the NIH.


My complete publication record is available via the York Research Database

Contact details

Dr Kieran Alden
Postdoctoral Research Associate
York Computational Immunology Lab
Centre for Immunology and Infection
University of York
YO10 5DD

Tel: (+44) 01904 328912