YCIL Events

Upcoming workshop and seminar events which YCIL are organising are participating in:

Simulating Leishmaniasis: Tutorial

Part of Workshop: Host-Pathogen Interations - Application of Computational Methods to Leishmania & Other Pathogens

16th & 17th November 2015, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro

This workshop, a UK Brazil partnership, explores state of the art methods in studying Leishmania. Paul Kaye has been invited to introduce our work on a multisale model to minimise animal usage in leishmaniasis drug development. Kieran Alden will then present an overview of computational modelling in immunology, and deliver a tutorial on YCIL's application of computational approaches in studying Leishmaniasis. Mark Coles has been invited to present his work on combining computational modelling with experimentation to understand immune system function. Tutorial instructions and datasets will be available before the workshop from this website

Previous YCIL Events:

Monday 3rd November - Tuesday 4th November 2014: YCIL Inaugural Meeting

Computational and Mathematical Approaches to Immunological Challenges

Our inaugural meeting brought together world leading researchers to discuss the application of computational and mathematical approaches to assist with key immunological challenges. We considered how we can maximise the potential of computational and mathematical approaches, the role of these approaches in drug discovery, and current methods tools and techniques available to generate novel biological insights from models.  We are grateful to the Wellcome-Trust funded Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders at the University of York for funding this meeting.