Wentworth GCRC Elections

Elections are running from Week 4 to 8 in Summer Term

About the GCRC

Wentworth GCRC exists to: 

  1. give the student body a voice through representation at College Council

  2. promote student engagement in an active college community

  3. encourage a sense of college identity and foster a feeling of belonging to an inclusive community

Committee Roles

Positions available for 2017/18 are:

  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Officer
  • Events Officer
  • Short-term Officer

See Role Descriptions below for more details 

These roles will be elected to serve on the Committee from July 2017 to July 2018 (or shorter for short-term officer). Elections will take place again at the start of the academic year to add positions to the committee and to enable new students joining Wentworth in September 2017 to join the committee.

Election Dates

Key Dates:

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  • Recommend for Nomination: Wed 3 May, 17:00 to Mon 15 May, 09:00 (Week 3 to 5)
  • Nominations OPEN: Monday 8 May, 09:00 (Week 4)
  • Nominations CLOSE: Friday 19 May, 17:00 (Week 5)


  • Campaigning starts: Monday 29 May. 09:00 (Week 7)
  • Meet the Candidates: Wednesday 31 May, 17:00 (Week 7)


  • Voting OPENS: Monday 5 June, 09:00 (Week 8)
  • Voting CLOSES: Fri 9 June, 17:00 (Week 8)

Why stand for election?

Why should I stand for election?

Be a Leader!

The Chair of the Wentworth Graduate Common Room Committee will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and lead a small team, develop strategic thinking and build confidence. Other roles will give a great opportunity to develop teamwork skills and focus on an aspect of supporting the College community that particularly appeals to the individual.

You will also be the voice of and represent approximately 1800 Wentworth students!

Motivate and Inspire!

A big role for the Committee is promote student engagement and encourage a sense of college identity so we need you to inspire and motivate our college members to get involved!

  • More information about What's in it for YOU is in the candidate information pack: Coming soon

Who can stand?

Am I eligible?

YES! All Wentworth students are encouraged to consider putting themselves up for election. We want our committee to reflect how diverse the Wentworth community is and hope to bring together students from all walks of life who all have a range of experience to bring to the committee.  

You can be a full-time or part-time student - although if you are part-time, do have a serious think about how much time you can commit. If you want to be involved more in the College but don't feel the Committee is right for you, contact us and we'll discuss other options. 

You don't have to have had experience serving on student committees before - you just need to be enthusiastic about having a chance to represent your fellow college members and an opportunity to turn your ideas into action!

What if I nominate myself and change my mind?

If you’re thinking about running for election, or are a little unsure about putting yourself forward because you don’t know if you can commit then don’t worry as there will be a chance to withdraw if you change your mind.

More information:

  • More information about What's in it for YOU is in the candidate information pack: Coming soon

How to Nominate

How to Nominate yourself

Submit your nomination by filling in a short Google form (the form will be accepting responses from 9am on Mon 8 May). You will be asked for the following information:

  1. Your contact details
  2. Which position you wish to stand for
  3. A short Election Manifesto (up to 1000 characters, which is approx 160 words or a short paragraph) *
  4. A short Campaign Slogan (up to 70 characters) *

* When you submit the form, you will be taken to a confirmation page which includes a link to edit your response. You may go in and edit your response (update your manifesto, change your slogan etc.) until the form closes at 17:00 on Fri 19 May. If you think you would like to edit your response we recommend you save the link.

  • Nominations Open: Mon 8 May, 09:00 and Close Fri 19 May, 17:00.

How to Recommend someone else for Nomination

If you know someone who you think  would be brilliant in the GCRC, you can Recommend them for Nomination by filling in a short Google form. You will be asked for the following information:

  1. Name of the person you are recommending
  2. Why you think they should stand for election

Your recommendation can be made anonymously if you wish.  One you have recommended someone, we will contact them and let them know someone thinks they have something to offer the GCRC and suggest they consider standing for election - they still have to nominate themselves - so your recommendation does not commit them to anything!

  • Recommendations for Nominations Open: Wed 3 May, 17:00 and Close Monday 15 May, 09:00.