Vanbrugh Voices

‘Vanbrugh Voices’ is a non-auditioning, sing-for-pleasure choir that meets each week throughout term-time and welcomes anyone who enjoys singing.

The Voices perform a small number of times each year, on campus and in the city, and are a wonderful mix of old and young performers, experienced and inexperienced - all coming together to make music for fun.

During the first term the Voices rehearse traditional Christmas carols and popular Christmas tunes. Later in the year the repertoire can be anything from pop song arrangements to traditional Russian part-singing! The sky is the limit and the members of the choir are encouraged to take an active role in suggesting pieces and arrangements.

Rehearsals are on Tuesdays from 5:45-7pm, in Vanbrugh Graduate-Senior Common Room (GSCR) on the first floor of Vanbrugh Nucleus.  People often bring cake and biscuits (or even their take-away dinner) and socialise in Vanbrugh Arms afterwards.

All are welcome: current and former staff and students from any college. 

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  • Tuesdays 5:45-7pm

Term-time, in Vanbrugh GSCR (V/N/102)

Did you know...?

The Voices started over a decade ago by Caroline Hall (former Deputy Provost, and former Chair of Vanbrugh SCR) to encourage students and staff to mingle and make music together.