Vanbrugh Rocks

Interested in anything band? Vanbrugh Rocks is an informal group organised by our Rock Tutor with the aim of giving focus to college members who are interested in forming bands, of any style of music, and activities surround and supporting musicians.  Membership gives you access to our facilities, advice from our music staff and invitations to free workshops, training sessions and events.


For Current Students at the University of York and Current Staff Members

For Alumni of the University of York

Vanbrugh Rock Tutor

Steven Burton ( along with a number of staff and students around Vanbrugh and the University, co-ordinate workshops, training sessions, music lessons, jaming groups and music nights and will generally help to put you in touch with the people you need to talk to. Whether you are looking for advice on getting your first gig, busking in the City, where to find an open mic night or your band needs a new drummer, get in touch and sign up to the Vanbrugh Rocks mailing list.

Vanbrugh Music Facilities

Practice with your band, record an EP, borrow a double bass or a Gibson Les Paul?

Vanbrugh Rocks Events and Activities

An example of free workshops and music activities include:

  • Guitar Clinic
  • Studio Technician Training
  • Advanced Studio Recording Workshops
  • Post-production Mixing Workshops
  • Microphone Technique workshops
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Singing Lessons

Membership Fees

You don't have to be a member of Vanbrugh College to use the facilities, however, there is a small annual charge for non-Vanbrugh members, staff and Vanbrugh alumni to join Vanbrugh Rocks which goes towards the upkeep of our facilities.

  • Vanbrugh Students = FREE
  • Vanbrugh Alumni = £25/anum
  • Non-Vanbrugh Students = £25/anum
  • Vanbrugh Staff = £25/anum
  • (fee is waived for those contributing their time towards Vanbrugh College) 




For Current Students at the University of York and Current Staff Members

For Alumni of the University of York


Facebook: Vanbrugh Rocks

Guitar Repair /
Set Up

for help with electric guitar set up, repairs, rewiring, and upgrades,
email: Barry Crump