Wellbeing and Support

The College Team

College Tutors: Vanbrugh College has a team of 4 College Tutors who provide low level support and signposting towards appropriate University support services.  You can contact them via email: vanbrugh-help@york.ac.uk to arrange an appointment and you will also see them at College events and activities.

College Manager: Georgina Heath is the Vanbrugh College Manager, with responsiblity for providing welfare support for Vanbrugh students. You can email her at georgina.heath@york.ac.uk if you would like to make an appointment to discuss any concerns you have for yourself or fellow students.

Campus Duty Officer: Each evening and over the weekends, the College Manaagers take it in turn to be available should a serious incident occur on campus.  They can be contacted via the Security Helpline (01904 32 4444) should you have a serious welfare concern out of usual office hours, and need advice or assistance. 

Tutor Hosted Activities at The Warren 

If you are looking for a relaxing environment and something to do, or you would like to drop in and talk with a College Tutor, why not come along to one of our activities in The Warren Lounge, hosted by our College Tutors. 

The list of Events range from games nights, FREE yoga and pilates, writing workshops, group art space, etc.  

 Check your latest College Newsletter for details or the Vanbrugh Events Google Calendar. 


Tutor Drop-Ins in The Wellbeing Office (Upstairs) - no appointment needed. 

Drop by The Warren during the working week if you'd like to chat with one of the tutors.  If you would like a set appointment then email the tutors at  vanbrugh-help@york.ac.uk to set it up.  They are generally in The Warren upstairs office from 9-4 Monday to Thursday or Friday morning until 1 pm. 


Is your issue urgent?

We recognise that life does not stop when the offices close at 5pm or when staff go home for the weekend.  So if you are struggling with an issue that cannot be resolved through the self-help guides and it cannot wait till morning then please do get in touch.  However, if the issue is not urgent then why not email your college team to make an appointment in the working week.

Ask yourself, can it wait till morning?

YES: Why not email our tutors (vanbrugh-help@york.ac.uk)  who would be happy to talk with you and to signpost you towards help at the University.  

NO: Please telephone Security (01904 32 4444) who can facilitate medical and welfare support out of hours.

Out of Hours Support

Urgent/Emergency: Security 01904 32 3333

Important/Staff attendance required: Security Helpline 01904 32 4444

Talk to a fellow student: Nightline

Self-help: Online guidance

For Residents: Look for the College Team Photo up in your kitchen or email vanbrugh-help@york.ac.uk  One of our 4 tutors will get back to you to set up a meeting.  

Links to University Support Services

University Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health



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