Vanbrugh Events

Weekly Events

Regular Events - Spring Term 2017

    • Vanbrugh Jazz, Monday Nights, in V-Bar from 20:30
    • Tutor Drop-Ins in The Warren from 13:00-16:00
    • Vanbrugh Yoga in the G/SCR from 17:00
    • Quill Theory Creative Writing Class at 15:05 in The Warren
    • Vanbrugh Voices from 17:45-19:00 in the G/SCR
    • Vanbrugh CU from 19:00 in the G/SCR
    • Boardgame and Chill Night in The Warren from 19:30 -22:30
    • Brainstorm Discussion in The Warren from 12:30 pm.  Come early at 12:00 to watch the PMQ's
    • Studio Training in The Garage from 12:00-18:00  
    • Crafty Vanbrugh from 16:30-18:00 in The Warren
    • Vanbrugh Chamber Choir from 17:20-19:00 in the G/SCR
    • Acoustic Music Night in The Warren from 7:30 - 10:30
    • Drumming and Rhythm Group/Workshop in The Warren from 13:00
    • Vanbrugh Business Meeting in The Warren at 16:30
    • Post-Grad friendly study at The Warren during the day (11:00 onwards)
    • Post-Grad post-work drinks and chill - wine and cheese for our postgrad community from 5-6pm on Fridays.
    • Foreign Film Night in The Warren from 19:00

Music Workshops

  • Studio Recording Training Sessions - these take places several times a term on a Wednesday afternoon from 12noon-6pm . To sign up, email
  • Advanced Studio Technique Workshops - microphone techniques, advanced studio recording and using the software. To sign up, email
  • Music Mixing Workshop - learn to mix a track post-recording. To sign up,
  • Drum Appreciation and Recreation Club - want to make crazy cymbals, learn how to set up and maintain a drum kit, how to work in a band with drummers and get good 'band etiquette', get deep and philosophical over instruments in general. Drop by The Warren at 13:00 on Thursdays.
  • Guitar Maintanance - want to make a guitar, or just get yours sounding like it should? Termly sessions, so join Vanbrugh Rocks Google Group and look out for the email.

Themed Weeks throughout the Year

Autumn Term:

Week 0 - Postgrad Welcome Week

Week 1 - Welcome Week / Freshers' Week - activities for all Vanbrugh members

Week 2 - Elections for Vanbrugh GCRC - Postrgraduate Reps

Week 5 - Nominations for JCRC Committee Open

Week 6 - RAG Week

Week 7 - Sustainability and Green Week

Week 8 - VAKs Week (Vanbrugh Acts of Kindness)

Week 10 - Festive Celebrations


Spring Term:

Week 4 - Wellbeing Week and Time To Talk Day

Week 6 - One-Planet: Sustainability and Green Week

Week 7 - VAKs Week (Vanbrugh Acts of Kindness)

Volunteering Week and Mind Your Head Week


Summer Term:

To follow

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