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Annual charity sleep-out to raise money for SASH


College Sport: FREE Team sport participation


Student-Staff Choirs: 'Vanbrugh Voices' 10th Anniversary Workshop


Acoustic Night in The Warren garden

College Life: Get Involved!

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College Projects


Brainstorm: Weekly current affairs discussion group 

From politics to ethical issues, come along to an informal discussion on a variety of topics (with tea and cake).  Hot topic to discuss? Why not suggest it to the group.


College Sport


A fun and accessible way for all student members of Vanbrugh College to get involved with sport and fitness, regardless of experience or ability, without having to commit to the training schedules of University level sports teams.  A wide variety of competative team sports to chose from plus the yearly homage to the old fashioned school sports day.  Regular weekly training sessions to prepare for matches with other College Teams and intensive one-day tournaments. See the Vanbrugh Sports Facebook Page for up to date events, fixtures and games.

Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, 
Darts, Football, Hockey, Netball,
Pool, Rounders, Rugby, Squash, 
Table-Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball 

Principles of Vanbrugh College Sport

Vanbrugh College Sport is an inclusive community of non-elite teams who come together to play sport in a friendly and competitive environment, providing equal opportunities for College members of all levels and abilities to access free team sports. 

College Sport is a vital part of Vanbrugh’s strategic goals: College Sport helps to create cohesive and co-supportive communities within the College, supports the development of leadership skills for those with positions of responsibility within the teams, such as team captains, and encourages participation in social activities that contribute towards participants’ health and wellbeing.

Read more about the Principles of Vanbrugh College Sport (PDF  , 157kb).

Health Body = Healthy Mind

Here in Vanbrugh we recognise the huge benefits sports can have, for both body and mind.

From keeping in shape, to relaxing away from studies, to meeting new people: College Sport is a great way to get the most from your university experience.  We are also committed to equal access for all which is why we are committed to providing FREE College Sport for all Vanbrugh students.

Not into sport? Think again

There are plenty of ways to get some gentle exercise, or get involved in team activities that you might not think of as 'sport'.  For example, go on a bike ride, walk round a sculpture park, or play darts in V-Bar.  Read your College Newsletter (emailed once a week to your University email address) for updates on Meditation sessions, yoga, cycle rides, our Running Club and much more.

Sports Reps 2017

Contact your College Reps to get involved: Joe Nicolson and Jenna Mohan

Stand for the position in JCRC Elections. Nominations open in Week 5 of the Autumn Term.


‌Raising And Giving (RAG) ‌


Vanbrugh's College Charity is SASH, a local charity that works towards preventing youth homelessness. 

Fundraising events can include bingo nights, busking in town, the infamous RAG Raids, raffles, trips to local areas, and sponsored events.  College Football Teams have even produced a naked calendar!  Each year, the RAG reps organise the annual charity sleepout to raise awareness of homelessness and funds for the charity.

Joining in with RAG events is a great way of meeting new people and giving something back to the community.

RAG Week

Every year in Week 6 of the Autumn Term all the colleges link together for one week of concentrated fundraising.  

RAG and Volunteering Reps 2017

Contact your College reps to get involved: Josie Tagg and Holly Lawley

Stand for the position in JCRC Elections. Nominations open in Week 5 of the Autumn Term.

Other Fundraising Activities

  • ‌Vanbrugh Choirs raises money for local York charity, Jesse's Fund, at their annual concerts.


  • The Warren has a CD sale shelf to raise money for Amnesty International.


  • The Warren toilets have donation boxes to raising money to build toilets in deprived areas. 


Green Vanbrugh

Green Vanbrugh ‌


S‌ee our Vanbrugh College Green Policy: Green Vanbrugh's Green Policy (PDF  , 265kb)

Vanbrugh's termly swap-shop and sustainability events, as well as collecting donations for charity or running upcycling events are only part of the initiatives to live in a sustainable community and support green living as part of the University of York's wider recycling scheme:

Student Switch Off

Vanbrugh participates each year in the Student Switch Off Campaign, that all residents can participate in.  You can find out more from the website or from the facebook group.

Student Switch Off is a chance to win money towards the College Summer Ball as well as saving energy and saving the planet!  

Vanbrugh won Student Switch Off in 2016!

Green Impact Awards

Vanbrugh has achieved Bronze in the Green Impact scheme for 'The Warren': Vanbrugh's College Home, but we still have a lot to work towards.

This means we have taken some measurements to ensure that The Warren remains as environmentally friendly as we can be.  These include:

  • Boxes to recycle old stamps for charity;
  • The Warren Wormary and Bee Hotel in the Herb Garden;
  • The Warren Recycling Station;
  • Low energy light bulbs and low wattage light sensors;
  • Rechargable batteries in our electrical items;
  • Charity donation boxes in The Warren Cloakroom;
  • Termly Sustainability Week and Swap Shop on Vanbrugh Stalls;
  • Upcycling events such as making herb signs out of wooden crates and recovering old furniture for The Warren garden.

If you have any ideas for how we can improve, please email

One Planet Week

Each term, Vanbrugh holds a Green and Sustainability Week full of activities, events and campaigns that you can get involved with.  In the Spring Term, Vanbrugh participates in the One Planet Week which takes place across the whole University.

In 2017, Vanbrugh was the leading College for One Planet Week pledges! 

Environment and Ethics Rep 2017

Contact your College Rep to get involved: Lidi Hutton

Stand for the position in JCRC Elections. Nominations open in Week 5 of the Autumn Term.

Leaders & Mentors

Vanbrugh has a number of mentoring and leadership positions:

Mentoring: STYCs (Second and Third Year Contacts) ‌

Volunteer upper year students who support new students throughout Freshers' Week, providing guidance and a helping hand on arrivals weekend, reporting to Head STYCs who are managed by the JCRC Vice-Chair for Wellbeing and the Student Wellbeing Reps. STYCs recieve a heavily subsidised STYC ticket and T-shirt in return for their help as well as being invited to our STYC awards ceremony 'The Duckies' at the end of Freshers' Week.

Applying to be a STYC: The application form to be a STYC or Head STYC can be found here:  Applications close on 22nd March 2017. 

Please view the below documents before applying:

STYC Role Description 2017 (PDF  , 304kb)

STYC Code of Conduct 2017 (PDF  , 148kb)

Head STYC Role Description 2017 (PDF  , 306kb)

Head STYC Code of Conduct 2017 (PDF  , 148kb)

Vanbassadors: Ambassador for Vanbrugh

A new program for 2017 - more information to follow.



Intercultural Compentancy Certificate Program

A new certificate program run in-house by Vanbrugh College for 2016-17.

The University of York’s unique Intercultural Competency Programme (ICCP) invites you to challenge both yourself and the society you live in through a series of workshops and events about all facets of culture from race to sexuality. These workshops discuss diversity within York itself as well as a broader spectrum, allowing you to explore both your own multiculturalism and that of those around you.

The programme is free and flexible with the option to choose your own workshops and events to attend. 

Email: Annis Stead to sign up for the course


Vanbrugh Newsletter

For all your up to date information about events and activities in and around Vanbrugh, plus our jobs and volunteering section and information for residents. 




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